Common sense of car use丨The correct treatment of highway breakdown

CNR Beijing, October 29 (Reporter Wang Zhan) It is the most troublesome thing for every driver that a vehicle breaks down on the highway and cannot continue to drive. Drivers need to pay attention to the following while waiting.

Correct emergency treatment for highway breakdown

In the event of sudden flameout, tire pressure loss or flat tire at high speed, you should use the inertia of the car or gradually decelerate to park the vehicle in the right emergency lane or the right shoulder. emergency warning lights and apply the handbrake.

At the same time, do not rush to get out of the car. You should use the left rearview mirror to observe the vehicles behind to ensure that there are no safety hazards. At this time, drivers and passengers should leave the vehicle as soon as possible from the door on the outside of the road, and transfer to the right shoulder or emergency. In the lane, preferably the outer side of the corrugated anti-collision steel plate, never walk around on the highway or intercept passing vehicles for help.

After getting off the car, you should go to the trunk to take out the warning triangle as soon as possible, and place it about 150 meters behind the car. After placing it, leave the expressway and return to the vicinity of the vehicle from the outside of the guardrail, and prepare to call the police or call the expressway service number.

call for help correctly

On the highway, you should call 12122 to call the police and ask the traffic police to contact the tow truck for processing. The arrival of the traffic police can help you protect the scene and ensure the normal driving of other vehicles.

It should be noted here that expressways are strictly controlled roads, and the state stipulates that no business activities, including vehicle repairs and tow trucks, may be engaged in on expressways. Therefore, even brand 4S shops or insurance companies are not authorized to tow trucks on high-speed kilometers.

Therefore, the tow truck called by the traffic police can only help themselves to leave the high speed. After the first trailer is over, you can choose to call the national rescue number of your own car brand, and they will contact the nearby 4S shop to arrange a trailer and tow the broken down vehicle to the 4S shop. In addition, if the nearest 4S shop cannot provide towing service, you can also find an insurance company for towing and tow the vehicle to the nearest maintenance point for inspection and maintenance.

To sum up, if the highway breaks down, you should do your own emergency measures as soon as possible, and at the same time you need to ask the highway traffic police for help.