Coming soon! 5.5G is expected to officially enter the commercial stage in 2024

[gearbest News] the arrival of the intelligent world is accelerating, and higher requirements are placed on the development of network infrastructure. As the future development direction of 5G, 5.5G has always attracted the attention of the industry.

Recently, according to CNMO, Alex Sinclair, chief technology officer of GSMA (Global System for Mobile Communications), said at the 2022 Global Mobile Broadband Forum that according to the 3GPP standard rhythm, 5.5G is expected to enter the commercial stage in 2024.

He said that the intergenerational life cycle of recent generations of mobile communication networks is generally 10 years, and there will be a watershed in the fifth year or so. 2.5G, 3.5G and 4.5G have brought significant performance enhancements and network management efficiency. Significant improvement and significant reduction in energy consumption, 5.5G will also play the same role.

As an upgraded version of 5G, 5.5G has the capabilities of downlink 10G, uplink gigabit, 100 billion connections, and endogenous intelligence. Michael Dowling, academician of the German National Academy of Engineering and member of the founding team of Industry 4.0, also publicly stated that “5.5G will have a significant impact on the industry.” In fact, factories equipped with 5G often achieve better Internet of Things, and production efficiency has been greatly improved. There are also more and better services for consumers, and some have achieved sustainable production, so he believes that 5.5G will continue to drive change.

In addition to the above aspects, the impact of 5.5G on the Metaverse is also very significant. The reason is that high immersion, low latency, and anytime, anywhere are the main elements of the Metaverse. This puts forward higher demands on the network, especially to improve virtual social interaction and metaverse games. , immersive collaborative office and other scenarios, the existing network conditions are not enough.