Color Solitary: Pursuing Light in Fantasy and Reality

This season’s color scheme is designed around three dress scenes, fully meeting women’s wearing needs, showing individual expression, and realizing one-click switching of female roles with design-conscious silhouettes, multiple patterns and individual color contrast.

Trendy workplace scene. Can be worn anytime, regardless of style or occasion. In personality and advanced, it reflects the fashionable atmosphere of the workplace. The pink shirt with Chinese buttons is paired with gray drapey trousers. The strong collision of light and dark colors and Chinese and Western styles shows a harmonious and rich look and feel. While emphasizing the waistline, the suit is designed with shoulder pads to get rid of the stereotype of workplace wear. Design elements such as tweed and raw edges add variety to the overall look.

Vacation fantasy scene. Focusing on the depiction of natural creatures, the romantic ruffles and transparent elements inject clarity and vitality into the classic items; small daisies, plaid, circle lines and other patterns, the elegant and energetic girl under the spotlight struggles to escape from the dull Obscure secular constraints, yearning for a lively crowd, dressed in exquisite appearance, swaying in colorful party games. Different textured fabrics such as mesh skirts and leather trousers “collided” into a spring; the gorgeous colors evoke people’s expectations for a carefree life.

Sports wear scene. In the spring and summer of 2023, Seiro brings sports elements into daily wear. Vibrant tights, racer vests, tooling elements and other wide and relaxed clothing silhouettes give the wearer a free and comfortable experience and a dynamic posture that can be exercised anytime, anywhere.

As always, Seiro adheres to the unique hand-painted art prints and the origin of the oriental culture, just as the artist uses the canvas to depict the whimsy in his heart. In this season’s new products, oriental images such as pine and crane, as well as Chinese clothing elements such as buckles, allow the imaginative imagination to settle down, reconcile large-area printing, hollow, grid and other perverse personality elements, so that the spring Xia not only unleashes innocent personality, but also has cultural connotations.

The dialogue between “color and fashion” is based on the point of “art, hand-painting and printing” as a link, and is presented as a fashion work through fabrics, details, craftsmanship, patterns and structural design. It has the accidental and unique artistic creation, retro and modern.

The founder of the brand, Vivian He Jiao, said that in this season, the Chinese color continued to maximize the artistic printing, and at the same time displayed new Chinese elements in all parts of the dress. This is the cultural self-confidence of Chinese designers, and it also makes the overall show look light. Sense, vitality, strength and clarity. Domestic designers need to “look at the international level”, which not only requires the designer’s own cultural accumulation, but also is related to his own experience. Now more and more designers have the confidence to show themselves in the face of the world. Of course, this also requires more channels for voices to be seen by others.

He Jiao mentioned that Shenzhen Fashion Week has created the first carbon-neutral fashion week this time, and the brand has also deeply integrated with sustainable fashion. On the one hand, the brand pays more attention to the wearability of the product, and does not want the single product to be a one-time product or fast fashion product, but to let beauty accompany the wearer in various scenes, so that the product can be freely matched for the wearer; on the other hand, the brand We have always used a large number of natural materials such as cotton, linen, silk and wool, hoping that these degradable and friendly fabrics can reduce the burden on the earth. Design is a process of growing, blooming and accumulating forever. You must continue to learn and make your works worthy of the stage of fashion week.