CLOT’s giant panda mascot “Ningning” launched a dance challenge in response to International Panda Day

As we all know, the giant panda is a rare national treasure in China. Its naive image and unique oriental cultural temperament make it a symbol of international friendship. Coinciding with October 27, 2022 is the sixth year of the International Panda Day initiated by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), CLOT, in order to express its support for One Earth Wildlife Foundation (OPF)’s panda protection action in China, would like to introduce to you Our mascot, Ning Ning, will be the star of our month-long panda event, leading everyone to start a series of lively and interesting projects.


Ning Ning is friendly to people, has a warm, interesting personality and unique CLOT eyes, it will launch a panda dance challenge on Douyin, and encourage everyone to pay attention to nature conservation work through dance! From October 28th, the challenge of filming the panda dance will be uploaded to Douyin, and added with the topic #panda dancechallenge#, each additional person who challenges CLOT will donate 1 yuan to a natural earth foundation to support the protection of biodiversity, Reduce the ecological footprint and ensure the sustainable use of natural resources to create a better future in which humans and nature live in harmony. In addition, CLOT will also set up a donation receipt code at each JUICE offline store from November 11, and all funds will also be donated to a natural earth foundation.