Climbing a rocket, going to space, the yearning for the universe for a thousand years has been realized in “Peace Elite”

On September 21, the 30th anniversary of China’s manned space project, “Peace Elite” also ushered in the “Space Journey” aerospace-themed version jointly created with China Aerospace Shenzhou Media.

In the past three years, as a popular mobile game in China, in addition to its entertainment attributes, “Peace Elite” has also been constantly exploring its connection with the public in a social sense. The natural fit of tactical competitive mobile games and the open and inclusive super digital scene capabilities make “Peace Elite” a natural advantage in the output of popular science culture. Popular science has become an important label of “Peace Elite”. And this special version of “Space Journey” aerospace has once again verified that “Peace Elite” has mastered the ignition of the game in terms of popular science feelings.

Ingeniously create the aerospace version of the gameplay, rigorously restore the real experience of aerospace

The birth of the special theme version must have been carefully considered. In order to better convey the significance of aerospace science popularization carried by “Space Journey” to players, from the selection of time nodes to the planning of version content, “Peace Elite” has shown its own heights. of professionalism.

2022 is a fruitful year for China’s manned spaceflight project, and the Chinese space station will be officially completed this year – the first time Chinese people have their own home in space. “This is so exciting. We also want to bring this kind of national pride into the game, so that more players can feel that China’s aerospace is closely related to everyone.” This is what the planning team of “Peace Elite” wants to do It is necessary to enable the entire version to create the original intention of aerospace-themed linkage.

Even for “Peace Elite”, which has been linked with major IP cultures all the year round, this attempt is a brand new challenge. The previous linkage with the “China National Astronomical Journal” and the China Institute of Oceanography has also used scenes and other methods to implant gameplay in the game, but using such a serious aerospace theme as the linkage cooperation is still the long-term IP “Popular Science Research Institute” of the Peace Elite. the first time.

In order to allow players to have a clearer theme perception, the “Space Journey” version is scheduled to be succeeded after the “Science Wheel” version. For players, the light sci-fi-style science wheel with a wide-open brain is the main theme, and the aerospace theme Both have a strong sense of technology, and have certain similarities in game scene creation, art style use, and gameplay creativity, which makes players more friendly and easy to accept in all aspects of the experience of the “Space Journey” version. The distance between aerospace and players is even closer.

The release time of the version was selected at a special node-September 21st–the 30th anniversary of China’s manned space project. “Thirty and standing” has a very good meaning in the cultural cognition of the Chinese. “Peace Elite” “I hope to hide the glorious achievements and pride of China’s aerospace industry on this special day, and pass it on to more young people through the theme version of “Space Journey”.

The entire “Space Journey” version is the result of careful polishing by Peace Elite and China Aerospace Shenzhou Media. It took more than half a year to develop it. “We have a strong sense of awe for cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements. The proposal for the aerospace-themed version has been revised in many versions. During the process, we have been constantly scrutinizing and polishing. We hope to do our best to make this version the best. We will consult aerospace experts for almost every detail, and continue to discuss with the teachers of Shenzhou Media. Bring players the most realistic aerospace experience.”

Judging from the results, such ingenuity and rigor have received good feedback. On the day of the version update, the public opinion of the entire network reached 99.9%.

In the player circle, one of the most highly rated gameplay is being able to watch the rocket launch from a very close distance in the game. The “Peace Elite” team reduced the real Long March rocket to the game scene in equal proportions. During the entire launch process, the rocket transportation, the control of the launch pad, and the state of the rocket during the launch were fully carried out. The restoration of the process is as small as the change of the liquid in the diversion groove at the bottom of the launch pad, the jet direction of the space suit when the player is active in space, and the return angle of the return capsule. The development team has given all players a rigorous and scientific attitude. An unforgettable “space trip”.

In the game, players can not only watch the rocket, but also take the rocket to fly into the vast space. Players pick up the space mission card at the new landmark space center of the island. After being eliminated, they can take a rocket, put on a space suit, experience weightlessness in space, and after completing the space rose cultivation mission, take a return capsule to return to the island, and keep the “launch- Return” the whole process, cleverly nest the “interactive process of popular science” into the game, find a balance between “playing experience” and “experience of popular science”, and realize the experience effect of 1+1 greater than 2.

And Space Rose is also one of the favorite gameplays of players. The earliest design inspiration came from a space breeding experiment carried out by the Shenzhou-4 spacecraft launched in 2002, that is, at that time, my country cultivated a new type of space rose. And “rose” has its own interesting cultural attributes in the player circle of “Peace Elite”. Previously, when the special training island was exchanged for rose props, many player content stalks were spontaneously derived. In addition, eating fruits and vegetables in space can restore blood volume and health, and new landmarks such as Chuangle Space Museum and Space Information Station have been added, which deeply integrates player culture, gameplay and space science in a more flexible and interesting form of presentation. Realize the output of popular science knowledge and culture.

In the design of the entire “Space Journey” version, we can feel that “Peace Elite” has an appropriate grasp of the balance between popular science and game content. The deeply customized and interesting gameplay eliminates the tediousness of traditional popular science methods, and uses novel and interesting games. The popular science method arouses players’ yearning for aerospace, so the popular science expression of “moisturizing things without sound” may be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

Interpretation of aerospace hardcore romance, a tribute action to lead young people

The dissemination of a heavy theme is inseparable from the emotional accumulation in the early stage. In addition to the gameplay, “Peace Elite” is also in various channels to mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm for aerospace.

Some people say that the romance of China’s spaceflight is to turn myth into reality. On the day of the update on September 21, “Peace Elite” released the opening film of the tribute action “A Rocket Made “Millennium”, which vividly interprets China’s longing for aerospace from ancient times to the present. Chang’e The myths and legends of flying to the moon and flying to the sky, to the great achievements of the modern Dongfanghong Satellite No. 1 and the entry of Chinese astronauts into space, and reviewing the Chinese nation’s dream of spaceflight spanning thousands of years, Gilly, the digital spokesperson of “Peace Elite”, also believes in predecessors. Inspired by the airdrop to the universe, the “space journey” officially started. Authoritative official media such as Science and Technology Daily and China Aerospace News also released this short film. The video was viewed nearly 50 million on the entire network in the week it was launched, and the number of interactions has exceeded 500,000.

And this tribute to national romance has also continued in the game. Today, Peace Elite launched the big event of the whole map – “Drop Me Into the Universe” Aerospace Light and Shadow Awards. From September 30th to October 2nd, every night at 7:00, 8:00, and 9:00, a grand aerospace light and shadow award will be held in the game. The heroes waved their hands and took a group photo to pay tribute to China Aerospace.

When it comes to realizing the dream of spaceflight, “Peace Elite” obviously thinks further. Under the same starry sky, the spaceflight dreams of rural children also need to be guarded.

During this year’s 99 public welfare period, “Peace Elite” and Tencent Charity Foundation launched the “One Flower One Dream” theme activity in the game, encouraging players to donate red flowers through game tasks. The goal of donating 20 million safflowers was completed on the 2nd day after the event was launched. According to “Peace Elite”, the follow-up will also track the progress of the project to help 10,000 children’s space science education, and synchronize the progress in stages to all players participating in the assistance.

During the period from September 14th to September 21st, “Peace Elite” also cooperated with Science and Technology Daily to jointly hold the “Visit Aerospace Exhibition” online event. Players can obtain exhibition tickets and unlock [Long March Rocket] by completing the version tasks. , [Manned Spaceflight], [Deep Space Exploration], [Beidou System], [Fengyun Satellite] five modules of aerospace knowledge, innovate the popularization of science and education, disseminate advanced scientific and technological development achievements through entertaining methods, and stimulate young groups to explore The universe, the curiosity to explore the unknown.

“Peace Elite” also participated in the #30Year space trip# theme event initiated by Weibo Aerospace, and together with nearly 30 aerospace media, paid tribute to the “Thirty Stands” of China’s manned space project, and encouraged more players to participate During the tribute action, the cumulative reading volume of the topic has exceeded 140 million.

From the design of the entire game version to the out-of-game linkage announcement, we can see that “Peace Elite”‘s enthusiasm for aerospace is not a whim, a rigorous and scientific attitude, a craftsman spirit of excellence, and a heartfelt love for aerospace. Only Peace Elite” can convey the pride of China Aerospace to the hearts of every player.

The long-term “Popular Science Research Institute” ignites more possibilities for popular science culture

There are many ways to popularize science, traditional books, TV or online programs, we have come into contact with some of them more or less. With the evolution of technology, the digital scene has begun to slowly affect all aspects of our lives. On December 9 last year, the first lesson of “Tiangong Classroom” was held at the Chinese Space Station. The Shenzhou 13 crew astronauts Zhai Zhigang, Wang Yaping and Ye Guangfu gave space lessons at the Chinese Space Station. Countless teenagers felt in this “first lesson”. The beauty of spaceflight and the romance of space. At that moment, popular science was carried into space.

And “Peace Elite” also wants to do such a thing. As a “super digital scene”, with the blessing of today’s high-precision technology, people’s expectations for it are not only cultural and entertainment products, but also hope that this digital scene can open up more possibilities. “Peace Elite” has many advantages. As we said before, it is free, open, and inclusive, and these characteristics make people’s imagination of it go to the next level; at the same time, “Peace Elite” itself is realistic The scene style of the game makes the boundary between the game and reality flow, so we will not feel awkward about the realistic buildings in “Peace Elite”, it seems that everything should be like this, so the concept of “not only games” is implemented in it, “Peace Elite” Elite” can also explore more possibilities.

In 2020, “Peace Elite” took the first step of its “Popular Science Research Institute” plan, and cooperated with “China National Astronomy Magazine” to allow players to watch solar eclipses, see planetariums, and explore popular science objects in the game. The unique national astronomical knowledge popularization has laid a solid foundation for “Peace Elite”; last year, it linked with the China Institute of Oceanography to stimulate players’ enthusiasm for the exploration of the vast ocean and ecological protection; this year, “Peace Elite” chose to combine China Aerospace Shenzhou Media makes aerospace knowledge and experience more realistic in the game, and awakens the national pride of aerospace in every special soldier.

From astronomy to ocean to spaceflight, it can be seen that “Peace Elite” does not limit itself to a small corner. On the contrary, it dares to try and explore the infinite possibilities of the game’s digital scene; Linkage is no longer just a simple presentation of game skins or scene props, but a set of perfect IP linkage mechanisms for popular science culture have been established both inside and outside the game. “In the long-term cultivation, there will be more infinite possibilities.


The “Space Journey” version may be a new milestone in the theme of “Peace Elite” popular science culture. It finds a good balance between experience and completeness, interest and authenticity, and restores the rigorous and credible real experience of spaceflight. , The creation of rich and interesting gameplay complements the aerospace tribute action that leads young people. And such a sense of cultural identity for popular science will continue. A grand aerospace light and shadow award is being held in the game. From September 30th to October 2nd, every night at 7, 8, and 9 o’clock, it is better to go with friends. Go to Peace Island and pay tribute to the dream of spaceflight that has traveled through the millennium.