Clay ate two T’s for the first time in his career and was ejected for the first time, scoring only 2 points in 1 of 8

  On October 26, Beijing time, the Warriors played against the Suns in the NBA regular season. Warriors star Klay Thompson was ejected for two consecutive technical fouls in the third quarter.

  In the third quarter of the game, the two sides were full of gunpowder. Booker and Clay had a temper in the heads-up, and they sprayed each other many times since then. After a timeout, Clay took the initiative to bump into Booker and continued to spray, and was called for a technical foul by the referee.

  Afterwards, Clay was dissatisfied with the referee continuing to seek the referee’s theory, and was ejected for a technical foul again.

  This is the first time Clay has been ejected in his 11-year career. Before that, he played in 759 regular season + playoff games.

  Before leaving the court, Clay played 19 minutes, 1-of-8 from the field, 0-of-5 from three-point range, 2 points, 2 assists, 1 block, and 2 technical fouls.

  (Xu Chu)

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