Classic expression pack! adidas x The Simpsons is back!

As the most fashionable modern family in the animation industry, The Simpsons are always wearing trendy cards and often appear in online illustrations. With their humorous and ironic characters, they are deeply loved by trendy people!

A few days ago, it also joined hands with adidas Originals to launch two new Superstar shoes with a joint color scheme, and they have been favored by many sneaker players with their peculiar shapes.

▼ Previously exposed “The Simpsons” x adidas

Recently, it was revealed that “The Simpsons” x adidas has a third pair of shoes, which are equally cute and lovable.

This joint name selected adidas’ classic Stan Smith as the blueprint for creation. The overall choice was white as the main tone, and the leather material was used to cover it, showing a classic texture.

The most worth mentioning is the traditional “green tail” design, replaced by Homer Simpson ‘s cute shape hiding in the grass, adding a touch of eye-catching details to the shoe.

The original Stan Smith Logo and avatar are also replaced by Homer Simpson on the side and tongue, showing the joint color matching identity.

Finally, it ends with a white midsole to complete the overall design.

Pic via: brkicks