Chongqing’s first LEGO brand flagship store opens at Raffles City on October 28

On October 28, Chongqing’s first LEGO® brand flagship store officially opened in Chongqing Raffles City. This is the second brand flagship store opened by LEGO Group in western China after Chengdu. Through the upgrade and integration of digital play and physical play, it will bring Chongqing citizens an immersive brand retail experience with distinctive culture and creative play. .

Innovative and fun personalized store experience

The two-story LEGO flagship store in Chongqing has a business area of ​​more than 759 square meters. Inspired by the landform features of the “mountain city”, it simulates the life scene of climbing a hill, and the ingenious combination of river view and mountain view outside the window on the second floor of the store It presents a unique atmosphere of Chongqing. At the same time, the store has created an interactive experiential shopping environment that integrates digital and physical play, allowing consumers of all ages to experience a more immersive consumption and play experience.

The tree of exploration in Chongqing is the iconic model of the LEGO brand flagship store. It took 1,780 hours to build and was built with more than 540,000 LEGO bricks. With a rich and diverse LEGO product series, it interprets the play and growth of children at different stages. You can also explore creative models with Chongqing characteristics such as building block lake, red lanterns, golden monkeys, etc.

The store also uses ingenious LEGO brick models to combine Chongqing’s landmark buildings with famous scenic spots, presenting the “Lelan Ancient Buildings” with Bayu style, “Lecheng Jiang Suo” with a view of the mountain city, and “Ancient Style” which combines ancient charm and modern style. Roof” etc. The “A Guo and A Jiao” in the shape of Chongqing hot pot and the mosaic four-frame comics “Lexiang Hotpot” and “Leshe Mountain City” show the beauty and lifestyle of the mountain city, which vividly interpret the urban glimpse of Chongqing, which has caused consumers resonance.

The LEGO Group also launched a “virtual store” in the LEGO brand flagship store in Chongqing for the first time, so that consumers can intuitively experience the play experience of the physical store online, appreciate the distinctive LEGO brick models, and “cloud” anytime and anywhere. shop.

It is reported that before the opening, the Chongqing LEGO brand flagship store released a series of creative videos “Bafang Lai Le” on social platforms. Including stop-motion animation of the mascots of flagship stores of various brands assembled in Chongqing, creative co-production challenges integrating Chongqing’s local dance and parkour and other trendy cultures, children’s use of Lego bricks to reproduce the city’s style, etc., and lead the public to pay tribute to the city’s culture with creativity. The process of assembling, dispersing and reproducing brand elements in the video content also metaphors the basic logic of the LEGO play system – building, dismantling, and recreating, conveying that the LEGO Group encourages the public to unleash their creativity, imagine and create more A beautiful world, learn while having fun.

During the opening of the store, the theme event of “Fun Fun Paradise” was also held at the Raffles City Center at the same time. Citizens can build the opening-themed mosaics with basic particles together, and enjoy the MOC works of local LEGO adult players in the cable car gallery; consumers will also be invited to come and use LEGO brick particles to build a unique sailboat model with Chongqing characteristics. , a tribute to this unique city.

Mr. Huang Guoqiang, senior vice president and general manager of LEGO Group China, said, “This year marks the 90th anniversary of the establishment of the LEGO Group. We are very honored to open a flagship store in Chongqing in this important year to bring creative LEGO to consumers. Play experience, let children develop various skills in play, let them better face some challenges in the future, and build a better world. This concept drives us to bring Lego play experience to more cities in China , which further confirms our long-term commitment to continue to deepen the Chinese market.”

Brick-and-mortar retail is an important strategy for the LEGO Group

It is reported that the LEGO Group has entered more than 100 cities in China and has more than 380 retail stores, including 8 brand flagship stores. According to the LEGO Group’s financial report for the first half of the year on June 30, 2022, the number of its global branded retail stores has reached 833.

In an interview, Natali Stojovic, senior vice president of Lego Group and head of retail business of Lego Group, said that physical retail is an important strategy of Lego Group, and we are also constantly expanding our global retail layout. We will continue to invest in play experience, constantly update and upgrade physical retail stores, reach more children around the world, and bring the LEGO Group’s concept of “learning and developing through play” to them.

According to Natali Stojovic, the Lego Group will continue to advance its brick-and-mortar retail strategy in the next few years. The physical store is a space for experiencing brands and Lego play, and it is part of the Lego Group’s space for providing high-frequency word play experience and high-quality brand experience. We will continue to innovate experiences such as personalization, digital and physical play, and increase investment to create a better brand interaction space. We believe that we can provide new and old fans with more opportunities and ways to experience our products and brands, so that more Many kids and families can experience a high-quality LEGO play experience on their doorstep.

Upstream journalist Zhou Jinglan

Editor: Mother Xiaojing

Editor in charge: Gu Li

Review: Huang Hangbin