Chongqing Children’s ADHD Hospital: What are the effects of ADHD on the body?

According to experts from Chongqing Tianyou Children’s Hospital, some children will show signs of being particularly active, tired of learning, inattentive, and poor in academic performance in the process of growing up. After further examination, it is found that children with ADHD are at fault. ADHD is a relatively common pediatric disease in recent years, which can cause many harms. So what are the damages caused by ADHD to the body?

First, it is easy to cause inattention

Children with ADHD if the condition is not serious. Of course, there will be cases of inattention, not easy to calm down, and always moving around. With the growth of age, academic performance is often not good, do not like to take the initiative to study, and can not exercise good self-control in behavior.

Second, it is easy to affect personal growth

If children with ADHD are more serious, their academic performance will be significantly reduced, and at the same time, it may even be difficult to complete their studies. It is also easy to provoke right and wrong psychologically, easily interfere with others, and even have uncontrollable negative emotions, easy to fight, fight, and may steal and embark on the road of crime. From the perspective of health, children who exercise too much and have abnormal emotions may also be prone to some physical diseases, which will have adverse effects on the normal healthy development of children.

Third, affect the normal development of psychology

Children with ADHD have poor academic performance, are prone to truancy and dislike of school, and disrupt the social order. Therefore, they are often criticized by teachers, and parents will be very worried, and even scold their children. As a result, children’s psychology will be affected to a certain extent, and some will have feelings of resistance, confrontation, and hatred, which will affect the healthy development of children’s bodies.

The damage of ADHD to the body is not only in many aspects, but also affects the family, school, society and other levels to varying degrees. For children with ADHD, adults must pay enough attention. If children are found to be abnormal, they must go to the hospital early, and choose appropriate methods for treatment according to children’s physical conditions.

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