Chinese players can’t hold it anymore? The most profitable mobile game in September, “Diablo: Immortal” has fallen off the list

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Not long ago, Sensor Tower, a well-known mobile application data analysis company, announced the global mobile game revenue rankings for September 2022. It is divided into total ranking, AppStore ranking and Google market ranking. Which games are on the list? What’s the mystery in this? My little brother will give you an analysis today!

Note: Data does not include third-party Android markets in China and other regions.

Overall ranking: The top 10 are “Honor of Kings”, “Genshin Impact”, “PUBGM”, “Candy Crush Saga”, “Roblox”, “Gold Coin Master”, “Paradise M”, “Pokémon GO”, ” Jockey Girl”, “Dragon Ball Burst Battle”

The top four remain steady, still the three major games of “Honor of Kings”, “PUBGM”, and “Genshin Impact”, as well as the old face of “Candy Crush Saga”.

Tencent’s “Honor of Kings” continued to hold the top spot with a revenue of US$190 million (about 1.38 billion yuan), a slight decrease from last month, but this is most likely because the summer vacation has passed, and elementary school students are going to class Yes (not).

The mobile terminal of “Genshin Impact” ranked second on the list with a revenue of US$130 million (about 950 million yuan), followed by “PUBGM”.

However, “Darkness: Immortal”, which ranked sixth last month, has disappeared directly.

Although at the end of July, thanks to the launch of the traditional Chinese server and the national server, the revenue of “Darkness: Immortal” surged, but it seems that the national server can still remain in the top ten, in China’s Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. , as well as South Korea, etc., have fallen to 20-50, and the United States has dropped to outside 50.

It is reported that China has quickly become its most profitable region, with China (App Store only) accounting for nearly 61% of global player spending, accounting for more than half, compared with 16% in the United States.

While Diablo: Immortal became one of the fastest video games on mobile to reach the $100 million revenue milestone, in just eight weeks, it looks like it’s running out of steam. Considering that European and American players have relatively low acceptance of the krypton gold system of “Diablo: Immortal”, many players boycotted “Diablo: Immortal”, this result is not unexpected.

“Dragon Ball Burst Battle”, an old game that was launched in 2015, is on the list again thanks to the world-synchronized special event that started at the end of August, attracting $58 million (approximately RMB 420 million) globally, an increase from August 2022 82%.

And on September 15th, the game held a large-scale linkage event Dokkan Festival x Legendary Summon Carnival, launching new summoning events and discounts. On September 15, the day the event kicked off, the game’s global revenue soared to $4.97 million.

It has to be said that the appeal of Dragon Ball is still very strong. Every year when an event is held, a large number of players will make money, and they will be listed on the list.

App Store: The top ten are “Honor of Kings”, “PUBGM”, “Genshin Impact”, “Candy Crush Saga”, “Roblox”, “Three Kingdoms: Strategy Edition”, “Puzzle and Dragons”, “Fantasy Westward Journey”, “League of Legends Mobile Games”, “Pokémon Go”

Google Play: The top ten are “Paradise M”, “Coinmaster”, “Candy Crush Saga”, “Roblox”, “Paradise W”, “Pokémon Go”, “Genshin Impact”, “Hit2″, ” Jockey Girl”, “Dream Garden”

The App Store list and the overall list have remained roughly the same, with no major changes.

In the Google Play list, “Hit2” Hanbok, the game officially launched on August 25, emerged in the September list.

Although “HIT2” is called the copy and paste board of “Paradise 2M” by players, and it is also said that it copied the paid content of the “Paradise” series, and even caused NEXON’s stock price to drop by 14% on the day of its launch, it was still in the first week of its launch. advanced to the top three.

At present, “HIT2” is still firmly in the top ten on the AppStore bestseller list. Just when my younger brother was writing an article, I read it and returned to the third place! I have to say that Koreans really like to play MMOs. They scold them for changing skins every day, but they play the same game without any delay!

A real shocking question: What mobile game will you spend the most money on in September 2022?