Chinese Lunar Calendar | October 4th, Frost Mulberry Leaves

Mulberry trees are almost all over the land of China,

Mulberry leaves have been known as the “King of Plants” since ancient times.

And in the frost season, mulberry leaves are rolled,

It is a long-standing custom in many places.

There is a folk proverb:

“Ginseng warms up and mulberry leaves clears up.”

Mulberry leaves have been the fodder for silkworms since ancient times.

Bitter, sweet, cold in nature,

It has both cleansing and moisturizing effects.

Li Shizhen recorded in the Compendium of Materia Medica:

“The mulberry leaf is the medicine for the Yangming of the hands and feet,

Juice fried instead of tea, can quench thirst.

Cure fever and cough,

And bright eyes, long hair…”

Therefore, mulberry leaves have been around since ancient times.

It has been used as tea or medicine.

The picking of mulberry leaves except in spring,

The best picking period is the frost season.

That is, the mulberry leaves that have been beaten by frost,

Rich in protein, crude fiber, sugar,

And a variety of trace elements needed by the human body.

Since ancient times, it has been called “frost mulberry leaf”.

It is better to pick in the morning and evening.

There is an old poem that says:

“Yu Xiao Jin Se made a business voice,

The mulberry leaves are dry and the sea is clear.

Sweep the way down Penglai Mountain,

Slightly invite the Queen Mother to talk about longevity. “