Chinese garbage mobile game routines invade Japan? Japanese players were fooled, and Chinese manufacturers made money!

Hello everyone, this is Zhengjing game, I’m Zhengjing little brother.

In the past few years, this Chinese mobile game can be said to be an invincible player in the world, not only making a lot of money in China, but also doing well in overseas markets. No, in Japan, “Genshin Impact”, “Illusory Tower”, and NetEase’s “After Tomorrow” can be said to be very mixed.

However, the younger brother found that in addition to these “frontal battlefields”, there are some strange Chinese games in Japan that have been on the best-selling list in Japan, and they have become popular silently. Ancient costume palace fighting”, “Overbearing President”, and the legendary gameplay of “Come and chop me if you are a brother”.

So maybe you don’t have much impression, my brother, I specially found a few moving pictures, I believe everyone will understand in an instant!

That’s right, that’s right, it’s those Chinese mobile game advertisements that are often seen. The Japanese have now been brainwashed by these games!

Today, my little brother, I will show you how these brainwashed Chinese mobile games have done in Japan.

“I am Emperor in Qing Dynasty” series

Cases: “The Inner Room of the Day” / “Emperor Aiyamo” / “King に は な る”

These three games are mentioned together because they all belong to the gameplay of “I am the emperor in the Qing Dynasty”. In fact, the gameplay is very similar, and the Japanese can’t tell the difference at all, and they are also complained by Japanese players. The game is three points in Japan.

Okay, in fact, let’s not talk about Japanese, I don’t know how to tell my brother. Let’s take a look one by one.

Let’s talk about “Ridai わり Inner Room” first. The name of this game is very shocking. The literal translation is “RiRi’s New Wife”, good guy, can you be more direct?

The creative material for this game is also diao. This scene changes the Japanese and asks you whether you are familiar with it or not!

The background of the game is written about the RPG of ancient Chinese rich and romantic, but the younger brother opened it and saw that there are not only Chinese people, but also Japanese people. What happened? ? ? But forget it, for the sake of big breasts, I don’t care.

But anyway, this game dotes on the concubine or really gives you such a little benefit.

“Emperor アイアム” is even more outrageous. The official background directly writes the Qing Dynasty in China, so the question is, why are there Miyamoto Musashi, Honda Tadashi? Why are you not only not Japanese, but also resurrected and transmigrated? You must know that when Honda Zhongsheng died, the Qing Dynasty had not yet been established…

But it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what time and time it is in China and Japan, the generals in this game are all tool people, and they are all to increase our national strength in the Qing Dynasty!

Moreover, the gameplay of doting on the concubine in “Emperor アイアム”, let alone welfare, jumped directly to the birth of a baby, born in seconds, and directly omitted the biggest motivation of Japanese players. This efficiency makes the Japanese feel ashamed!

The name “King に は な る” is also very direct, the literal translation is “I become a king”. The content of the game’s advertisement image, I believe that you can make up your own mind without the need for the younger brother to translate.

In this game, you want to increase intimacy with girls, and the way to obtain intimacy-increasing props is also unusual. Going to the prison to beat prisoners or something…

Maybe this girl has some special eroticism or something, I don’t dare to say too much, little brother…

And these games have a common feature, that is, the Japanese translation, it is not very dripping, basically all plastic bulk. The Japanese anchors who have played are very stupid, what did this **** say?

(My brother, I guess it means to say トップ, which is TOP, the highest priority)

Why don’t Chinese games have a good Japanese translator? It has even become an academic issue, and even the Japanese have begun to call on Japanese students to learn from the Chinese: You see, this Chinese game is so bad in Japanese, but it has been released for 2 years, and There are still a lot of fans, why don’t you dare to speak a foreign language…

(machine flip)

“The Concubine’s Favorite” Series

Cases: “Emperor アイアム” “FUSHO-Floating Life-“

“Emperor アイアム” is definitely a treasure game, because it can not only make men the emperor, but also make women the queen, complete! The palace fighting elements in the advertisement are also complete!

Don’t even mention it, there are quite a variety of advertisements in this Gongdou drama, which should be available in China, and Japan has not fallen behind. It seems that there is no palace fighting drama in Japan. Do you think the Japanese can understand it?

In fact, there is no need to worry about it at all. Youtube specially watched the video of this Gongdou advertisement, and the number of views was 250,000… And there is Japanese science under the video. So many such advertisements are because of the popular Gongdou drama “Cabinet” in China before. Chinese American” (Shouldn’t it be Zhen Huan’s biography?)

There is also a more popular palace fighting game “FUSHO-Floating Life-“. Except for the characters, this advertisement seems to be a little better, and the plot routine is almost the same.

And as far as my rudimentary Japanese is concerned, does the translation and reading of this official slogan seem to be problematic? The dream of troubled times (ranseinoyume)”.

Do you think this is the end? too young! The official of “Floating Life” has a huge brain hole, even thinking about getting a man pregnant! Brother, I have to say that some Chinese manufacturers can definitely beat the Japanese when it comes to advertising brain holes.

“Overlord” series

Case: “President おねがい! “”マフィア・シティ”, “The Wanderer of a Merchant”

What will happen to domestic domineering president games when they arrive in Japan? Facts have proved that this trick is not only easy to use, but even easier to use than in China.

“President おねがい! (please, the president)” is making crazy money in Japan by relying on domestic domineering CEO advertisements!

What kind of enthusiastic guy gets rich instantly when he picks it up on the road, opens a garbage recycling station and becomes rich instantly, hits an old aunt who gives you 500 billion and makes you rich instantly, saves a rich girl and gives you 500 billion or something.

You can even wear women’s clothes and make a fortune? ? ? This plot, how can it come out anyway!

(If you watch it often, you will find that these advertisements are the same in China…)

Don’t tell me, the Japanese feel very high, saying that although this advertisement speaks the same Japanese as shi, the content is very real!

Some people in Japan even made an hour-long “President おねがい!” “Advertisement Collection, there are 370,000 views. Good guy, are you still learning?

As for what the game is about, does it matter?

There is also a “MAFIA CITY (MAFIA CITY)” with a gangster theme, which is also the same routine. His advertisement is to change the background to a gangster background, and become a younger brother and become a gang boss. But don’t tell me, after changing to a gangster background, the plot is richer, and it seems to be more interesting!

There is actually a certain degree of similarity in the gameplay, and you can probably feel it by looking at the screenshots. However, there are really gangsters in Japan. Combining this theme is very suitable for the needs of the Japanese. The game is also in the top 50 best-selling list all year round, no problem!

(Left: President おねがい! Right: マフィア・シティ)

You said that with so many advertisements, there is no overbearing president of the manufacturer who has a Chinese style? Don’t tell me, there really is!

“Businessman’s Wanderlust” is also on the shelves in South Korea, called “갑부: 장사의시대”, which is literally translated as “The Rich Man: The Age of Business”. But when it comes to the Chinese name, I am afraid everyone is more familiar with it, it is called “Call Me Big Shopkeeper”. I actually like the style of the game, brother. It has the feeling of the ink painting style of “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River”, which was popular before, and the commercial setting of ancient China is really refreshing.

The advertisement of “The Wanderer of a Merchant” probably also revolves around how to choose one to get rich overnight. Although the form is changed without changing the medicine, the setting is all set in ancient China, which is a bit new.

Not to mention, this kind of advertisement, coupled with the setting of ancient Chinese background (Japanese think it is Edo period), really attracted a wave of Japanese players, even addicted to being late.

However, the younger brother thinks that the original domestic version is more interesting and more Chinese. After choosing, you can see the price rise and fall, which is more exciting.

“Legend” series

Case: “Legend of the Magic Sword”

Under the bombardment of Chinese games, some Japanese players finally escaped all the above games, but they never expected to fall into the hands of legendary games!

When it comes to advertisements for legendary games, there must be no unfamiliar Chinese players. “Da Zha, I’m Kutianle, I’m four scum and slag, I explore the lazy moon, the new version of the boat that Jiesili has never pulled, I need to experience it for three minutes, Lizao will fuck me, love the elephant festival This game, if it’s a brother, come and cut me.” These memes can even be said to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The advertisement of “Legend of Magic Sword” in Japan completely inherits the characteristics of the Chinese legendary advertisement. A knife of 99999 is matched with equipment that can be called light pollution with blinding eyes. This taste comes!

Moreover, this “Legend of the Magic Sword” is also willing to spend money, and even invited Japanese actor Hideaki Ito to advertise. Ito Hideaki is also a relatively well-known actor in Japan and has acted in many Japanese dramas. Let’s put it this way, the feelings of the Japanese are probably the same as when we see Big Brother Jackie Chan or Zha Zhuihui appearing in a legendary commercial…

(Did this suit just take off from Jackie Chan?)

Although we Chinese players have long been used to it, but the Japanese have seen this battle. The bright and blinding special effects of these advertisements, coupled with the dynamic music that bursts out through the screen, can be said to be buzzing in the head of these advertisements all day long, even on the top of the head.

That’s right. After a large number of brainwashing advertisements swept the Internet, Japanese users began to complain about their style, and even specially made a lot of “junk advertisements” collections for the “Legend of the Magic Sword” advertisement, and these collections gained a lot of views. , no less than its specially produced boutique advertisements.

The revenue of this “Legend of Magic Sword” has also risen steadily. The monthly revenue of Japan and South Korea is 130 million yuan. Even if it has been online for 2 years, it has basically maintained at around 50-100 on the AppStore best-selling list.

This wave of cultural destruction is a success!

My brother tells you: I have to say that Chinese manufacturers have quickly swept the overseas market by relying on this wave of advertising strategies that are still very mature in China, and their income is indeed not bad. The only consequence is that many Japanese players see that it is a Chinese game and automatically associate it with advertising fraud, which is really not a positive association. The younger brother still hopes that Chinese games can use quality to conquer players all over the world, rather than relying on these brainwashing advertisements.

A serious question: what other brainwashing game advertisements do you know?