Chinese beauty explains world culture! Yuanshen reveals the behind-the-scenes of Xumi’s music, foreigners: epic soundtrack

If you are looking for a game to represent the peak of domestic game performance in recent years, then Mihayou’s “Yuan Shen” will definitely bear the brunt.

As a game with great success at home and abroad, its influence need not be repeated, but have you ever wondered how this game is accompanied by overwhelming discussions and the enthusiasm of countless players at home and abroad? Two months ago, the Xumi-themed symphony officially hosted by “Yuan Shen” provided some answers.

Previously, the Xumi theme concert was held in the Alexander Palace Concert Hall. Up to now, the total playback volume of the symphony has exceeded 3.7 million at station B and more than 4 million on the Internet. Recently, “Yuan Shen” officially announced the behind-the-scenes details of the concert, as well as the related creative concepts of Xumi’s music. Although Xumi is only one of the seven major countries in the Tivat continent, it can only be regarded as a part of the grand world view of “Yuan Shen”, but from the production team and its related music design ideas, we can clearly feel the official attitude towards cultural elements attention, as well as sufficient knowledge reserves of the staff.

Xumi, and the cultural inspiration behind it, originated from India. As one of the oldest civilizations of mankind, it covers the characteristics of different regions. It is not easy to find a suitable expression from its long cultural history. For this reason, HOYO-MiX, the original music team under Mihayou, has been brewing for three years and has studied many Indian classical instruments. For example, it has 28 strings, but can only play one difficult instrument at a time, the “Sitar”, as well as the unpopular national characteristic instruments such as Ney, Duduk, Saz and Tabla.

In terms of arrangement, the team also established the theme of “drizzle and flying sand” based on the map design. In the theme of drizzle (that is, rainforest), the national musical instruments of South Asia are applied, and elements of yoga music are incorporated; in the deserts of the Middle East, many musical instruments of desert culture are applied, emphasizing the sense of epic and ancient wisdom.

And the HOYO-MiX team is undoubtedly lucky compared to working behind closed doors against various documents. During the time when the team went to record music around the world, the members visited many museums that retain a large amount of historical content of ancient civilizations, contacted many overseas music lovers, and had the opportunity to have theoretical knowledge and practical contact and learning. So that the music can finally be in line with the content of the game, but also withstand scrutiny, and be qualified to represent a culture.

From the perspective of Chinese people, you may think, “Damn, isn’t it just Indian-style music?” But in fact, it is a very rare thing for your culture to be displayed in your favorite games. This is from many It can be seen in the comments of foreigners, especially Indians.

After listening to the epic soundtrack with the theme of Xumi, many foreigners also started to associate music based on their own cultural system. After all, HOYO-MiX can control even difficult music like India, so the theme music of other cultures is just around the corner.

For many people who like to study music, the meticulous music shaping of “Yuan Shen” is also a “stepping stone” to a certain extent, which can give people an opportunity and inspiration to study different types of music-maybe some future musicians are Find your favorite direction through this game.

Moreover, there are really related professional students who use “Yuan Shen” as a textbook to learn related music genres.

In the Liyue area of ​​”Yuan Shen”, you can’t see the stacking of stereotypes, because the team understands the shaping of Chinese aesthetics, and when its content is displayed to foreigners, it can also allow people to experience the original expression and beauty. When you arrive at the music in the Xumi area, you can also see that the official is not only familiar with the domestic culture, but also attentive in the world culture, and can make excellent achievements as well. And perhaps this is the responsibility that video games should take as a cultural carrier.

Seeing this, I don’t know how you guys think about the level of intentions of “Yuan Shen” in terms of music? What area of ​​the game do you like the most about the music atmosphere? Let’s discuss in the comments section.