China Unicom Digital Works with New Guodu Group to Deepen the Digital Transformation of the Financial Industry

Recently, China Unicom Digital Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Xinguodu Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. The two parties will focus on advanced IoT information infrastructure construction, 5G innovative application exploration, Internet + industrial development, cross-industry cooperation and other businesses, deepen cooperation in the fields of IoT and smart life, financial payment, digital currency, etc., and give full play to Unicom’s “One Unicom” , integration capabilities aggregation, integrated operation services” and “things, cloud, digital, intelligent chain security” capability advantages, as well as Xinguodu’s rich experience in the field of electronic payment, integrate resources, in-depth integration, establish a new benchmark for the industry’s first demonstration, and promote the financial industry Coordinated development to promote the digital transformation of the financial payment industry.