China Telecom Fujian Company takes precise measures to comprehensively help rural revitalization

(Image source: Photo Network)

According to CCTV news reports, the rural revitalization strategy is the “ballast stone” for high-quality development. In the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, it was proposed to “comprehensively promote rural revitalization”. As an important support for rural revitalization, ICT plays an increasingly important role in rural network infrastructure construction, rural digital industry development, and digital rural governance. China Telecom Fujian fully leverages its advantages as a “leading comprehensive intelligent information service operator” to help digitize agricultural production, rural governance, and farmers’ lives, build digital villages with cloud-network integration and digital technology, and accelerate rural revitalization.

Build a “Party Building” Neighborhood Center

Since last year, China Telecom Fujian Company, guided by the “five major actions” to help rural revitalization, has effectively linked the consolidation and expansion of poverty alleviation results with rural revitalization, and shifted the focus of assistance from “leading online poverty alleviation” to “digital empowerment of rural revitalization”.

There is such a village, where the villagers can make phone calls through a “card”, view the village through a “speaker”, and manage the whole village through a “big screen”… This is in the village of Nan’an, Quanzhou, Fujian. Starting from 2021, China Telecom Fujian will give full play to its technological advantages to help Shengshen Village to create a “Party Building +” neighborhood center service model that combines online and offline, and implement informatization such as neighborhood love electronic cards, neighborhood sharing service platforms, and neighborhood speakers. Equipment, comprehensively expand the depth and breadth of grassroots informatization governance, so that villagers can live more at ease and work more worry-free.

Cloud-network integration helps rural revitalization and makes a happy life within reach. In Xingshen Village, the staff of the village committee used innovative telecommunications applications such as grid service platform, rural revitalization service platform, AI camera, and neighborhood speaker to open up a “new space” for digital village governance.


Create a “cloud town” digital village

Digital rural construction is a specific action to implement the rural revitalization strategy, a powerful tool to promote the modernization of agriculture and rural areas, and an important measure to release the digital dividend to generate the endogenous power of rural development. It uses digital empowerment to open a new model of rural revitalization.

Recently, China Telecom Fuzhou Branch (hereinafter referred to as “Fuzhou Telecom”), relying on the rural revitalization platform, with the help of 5G, cloud computing, housekeeping/intelligent enterprise monitoring, AI and other product capabilities, through the town and village level data integration, for Fuzhou Changle. Jiangtian Town in the district has built a “Jiangtian on the Cloud” information center integrating “safe home, ecological livability, thriving industry, and benefiting the people” to help the digital transformation of grassroots comprehensive governance.

Fuzhou Telecom assists grassroots governance through technological means, and builds a town-level cloud platform for 17 villages in the town. With the assistance of AI video surveillance, smart speakers, smart doorbells and other information products, it realizes intelligent party building, data visualization, normalization of security, and office work. Convenience; through the layout system of 4 town-level checkpoints, 6 village-level checkpoints, 1 town radio station and cloud computer, data such as faces, vehicles, basic information, and epidemic prevention and control information of villagers at the town and village levels are integrated. Aggregate, unified entry into the rural revitalization platform, and realize “one map” to control the data of the whole town. 

Plug in “digital wings” for rural revitalization

Niu’ao Village, Luoyuan County, Fujian Province, is a small village with a permanent population of about 500 people, almost every household raises abalone, and every household has a boat. In June 2022, China Telecom Fujian Company opened a 5G base station for Niu’ao Village, allowing 5G signals to connect the mountains and seas, adding “digital wings” to rural revitalization.

Chen Xuexian, General Manager of China Telecom Luoyuan Branch, said: “The breeding industry in Niu’ao Village is very developed. In addition, Niu’ao Village is also a key project of boutique tourism in Luoyuan County. Based on smart tourism and smart farming, as well as local rural revitalization needs , we are building a 5G base station in Niu’ao Village.”

The base station of Niu’ao Village is located on the top of Tielutou Mountain. The terrain factor of the mountain and the sea has brought a lot of challenges to the construction of 5G network. The installation and maintenance personnel need to go back and forth three times to move the 5G equipment to the base station on the top of the mountain. Before that, the installation and maintenance personnel needed to transport the 5G equipment from the mountain road to the wharf, and then transport it to the foot of the mountain by boat. The angle steel tower hanging from the base station is as high as 45 meters. Climbing up the ladder, facing the strong wind and scorching sun, it took three installation and maintenance personnel an hour to install a 5G antenna. The base station equipment is connected, the 5G signal enters the village, and the information-based life enters the household. Niu’ao Village has become a good place to “catch the fresh”.

The village party secretary of Niu’ao Village said that the village department has used the rural revitalization service platform, which has brought us great help in realizing the digitalization of grassroots governance and the development of smart farming, smart tourism, and rural e-commerce. Villagers also said that after the opening of the 5G base station, the mobile phone signal in the village has improved. 

The “clairvoyance” standing in the fields, connecting the gigabit optical fibers of the entrepreneurial villagers, and the high-quality network covering the rural tourist attractions… With the gradual popularization of 5G and other information infrastructure in the Fujian area, such as Niu’ao Village The same digital village is becoming more and more.