China’s popular immortality game, imitated by a Chinese friend, became Onmyoji and launched in Japan?

Hello everyone, this is Zhengjing game, I’m Zhengjing little brother.

In recent years, as big factories have begun to focus on originality to avoid plagiarism, second- and third-tier small factories can only follow the transformation and try to avoid plagiarism, because now it is a price to pay.

However, some chicken thief manufacturers have come up with a coup, which is to imitate domestic games and then go overseas to operate.

Recently, some players discovered that a domestic company operates a game in Japan that “imitation” another domestic mobile game!

“One Thought” produced by Nebula Studio is one of the most popular works in the domestic immortality genre. Recently, some players discovered that a game called “Ghosts of Yin and Yang” appeared in Japan. It is highly similar to “One Thought” in many places.

The manufacturer of “Yin Yang Ghosts and Gods” should have a lot of experience in “imitation”, because he did not do such operations as copying materials and copying texts without technical content, but took great pains to carry out a wave of skin changes.

For example, the on-hook interface is also a silhouette of a character, with a centered confirmation button. But people replaced the high crown with the onmyoji wearing a high hat, and the dragon in the background was replaced by a six-pointed star.

In the practice interface, the meditating characters are replaced by Onmyoji, the gossip on the ground is changed to runes in circles, the background is added with a Japanese-style torii, and by the way, the left and right icons are directly replaced by buttons.

The texts of the game tasks and descriptions are copied but not completely copied. For example, “One Nian Yaoyao” is to go to the Wild Wolf Valley, and “Yin Yang Ghosts” is to go to Yunwu Slope. Your task item is a first-order demon pill, and mine is a demon. one soul.

The meaning of “Yin Yang Ghosts and Gods” is not important, and the meaning is original, and the key points are copied, such as combat power, item attributes, etc., at most, change the name, and the values ​​are exactly the same.

However, “A Nian Xiaoyao” is rooted in the Chinese culture of immortality after all, and it is completely different from the Japanese onmyoji. Some contents of “Yinyang Ghosts and Gods” cannot be copied, so they can only be filled in blindly.

For example, the process of cultivating immortals can basically be divided into different stages such as condensing qi, transforming qi, condensing Dan, Yun Dan, breaking Dan, Yuan Ying, and resting. Onmyoji doesn’t have such a thing, how should it be divided? 24-hour poke to distinguish yin and yang? Therefore, “Yin Yang Ghosts and Gods” was replaced with grades.

Although you can use the concept of levels to fool you at different stages, it is not easy to fool the key tribulation, because this setting is related to many values ​​and gameplay. There is no way for the planning of “Yin Yang Ghosts and Gods” to directly change “transcend the calamity” to “transcend cancer”, because before they changed the medication to drinking, every day, there is no stomach cancer or cirrhosis of the liver, I can only say that this changed Very reasonable.

The younger brother went to check on 6 waves, the producer of “Ghosts of Yin and Yang”. It is a company established in Hong Kong, China in 2008, focusing on the Japanese market. It has branches in Beijing and Tokyo. The current number of employees is 135. Release of heavy games in the Japanese market. The earliest one is Optimus Prime’s “King’s Landing”. It was acquired by Swedish gaming company Stillfront Group for $200 million in January this year.

It seems that this is also an old overseas publisher. I don’t know how to deal with this matter in the future?

At present, the iOS version of the game has been removed from the shelves, I don’t know if it is affected by this.

Younger brother 嘠Green: At present, neither Nebula Studio nor 6 waves have expressed their views on this. It is time-consuming and labor-intensive to fight a cross-border infringement lawsuit. Earn, otherwise there should be no action on both sides.

A serious question: What do you think about the situation of Chinese people “imitation” of Chinese people?