China’s mobile phone market sales report in the third quarter of 2022 Reno 8 series shipments continue to increase

Zhongguancun Online News: Today, the well-known international data company IDC announced the sales of China’s smartphone market in the third quarter of 2022. In the third quarter, the domestic market shipped approximately 71.13 million units, a year-on-year decrease of 11.9%. However, the domestic smartphone market achieved a quarter-on-quarter growth of 6.0% in the third quarter, but the overall market environment is still not optimistic.



It is worth mentioning that OPPO’s market share in the first three quarters was 16.3%. This year, OPPO insisted on long-termism and took the product line of high-quality products. Among them, the listed volume of the Reno 8 series continued to increase, maintaining a leading position in the domestic smart market. At present, the number of users of the entire Reno series has exceeded 60 million, and it is a well-deserved star product of OPPO.



Since the beginning of this year, OPPO has released a number of self-developed new technologies. Among them, the Mariana X chip is the first NPU chip with a 6nm process. NPU is a neural network processor. It can improve the AI ​​computing power of mobile phones. The most important thing is to have deep learning ability, which can continuously improve the optimization ability of images through self-learning. What is even more surprising is that this chip that OPPO has made every effort to build can also be used in the mid-range model Reno8 series, and OPPO will not sacrifice user experience for cost.

In terms of mobile phone operating systems, OPPO brought users ColorOS 13, an upgraded version of ColorOS this year. The new system focuses on four aspects: aquatic design, fluency, intelligent integration, and security protection. The water-inspired exterior design brings users a comprehensive improvement in experience and look and feel, while the fluency, ease of use, and safety of the system are also more advanced.



Pantanal, which debuted with ColorOS 13, is OPPO’s top priority for the future market layout. It is a smart cross-end system developed by OPPO, oriented towards the integration of all things, and centered on people. As the “soft chip” of ColorOS, Pantanal expands the intelligent cross-end capabilities of ColorOS as an operating system, and is the software base for OPPO to realize the integration of all things.



It can be seen that although the market environment is not sluggish, OPPO has never stopped smiling and moving forward, insisting on doing the right thing, even if it is difficult, it is worth the effort. I believe that the difficulties are only temporary. In the future, as more competitive and good products are launched one after another, users will be able to rekindle their enthusiasm for consumption.