China makes a new business card, analyzes BYD’s subsea gas, and domestic new energy vehicles are proud

I believe everyone is familiar with the word “going overseas”, and it is not new for Chinese brands to go overseas. When it comes to “Made in China” overseas, I believe you can name many brands. When it comes to air conditioners, you can think of Gree, which “makes the world fall in love with China.” When you think of mobile phones, you can think of Huawei, which is “not just a Fortune 500 company.” When you think of refrigerators, you can think of Haier, which is “sincere forever”. When it comes to drones, you can think of DJI, which is used for military purposes overseas; when you mention new energy vehicles, you can think of the domestic giant BYD…

1. China’s auto export ranks second in the world, thanks to BYD’s

Today, let’s talk about BYD, the new business card of China’s intelligent manufacturing and the representative of domestic new energy vehicles. “BYD going to sea” came into my sight when I saw in the circle of friends that “BYD Han and Tang actually sold 520,000 yuan in Europe”, and I went to search to confirm that it was true. This is not the most shocking thing. The price of BYD Han EV in Brazil is equivalent to RMB 720,000, which is about 3 times more expensive than that in China. That is to say, at this price, you can buy almost 3 models of the same model in China.

According to statistics from the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China exported 301,000 vehicles in September 2022, a year-on-year increase of 73.9%; from January to September 2022, the export volume reached 2.117 million vehicles, which has exceeded the export volume of last year. According to statistics from the General Administration of Customs of China, from January to August 2022, China’s automobile exports reached 1.91 million vehicles. After surpassing South Korea last year, this year it surpassed Germany to become the second largest in the world, achieving a historic breakthrough and surpassing Japan is just around the corner.

Under the multiple circumstances of the raging global epidemic, the European energy crisis, the chaotic situation in Russia and Ukraine, the tension between China and the United States, and the instability of the supply chain, Chinese auto brands have risen against the trend and made such historic progress. It is inseparable from new energy vehicles such as BYD. enterprise. In the new energy vehicle industry, BYD not only performed well domestically, but also performed well internationally. In September, the export growth rate of new energy passenger vehicles exceeded 50% month-on-month, and between September and October, BYD signed cooperation agreements with enterprises in many countries to bring BYD to the market. Bringing advanced technologies to all parts of the world to jointly promote the development of new energy vehicles.

At present, the footprint of BYD’s new energy vehicles has covered six continents, more than 70 countries and regions, and more than 400 cities in the world, and its pure electric buses for passenger vehicles occupy a leading share in Europe, America, Japan and other places. The export of passenger cars has also gone a step further. The export sales of BYD’s new energy passenger cars increased from more than 5,000 in a single month in August this year to 7,736 in a single month in September. BYD’s overseas progress is obvious to all. BYD can gain a firm foothold in the domestic market with policy support and fierce competition, and I believe it can also win a place in the world.

2. BYD’s overseas memorabilia, the global layout highlights the pattern

BYD’s overseas deployment began in 1998, and commercial vehicles were the first to open up. After years of “deep cultivation”, BYD’s commercial vehicles have occupied TOP-level shares in many overseas regions. BYD Wang Chuanfu once said, “The current (automobile market) is not the big fish eating the small fish, but the fast fish eating the slow fish.”. BYD passenger cars have been going out to sea frequently recently, that is, after identifying the situation, they are striving to be a “fast fish”.

On March 23, BYD and Shell signed a global strategic cooperation agreement and an equity cooperation agreement. At the Paris Auto Show on October 17, Shell announced that about 300,000 Shell charging piles in Europe are open to BYD car owners, which solves the worries of charging BYD new energy vehicles.

On August 8, BYD officially entered the passenger car market in Thailand. On September 8, the first overseas passenger car factory wholly invested by BYD was positioned in Thailand. BYD’s overseas process opened a new chapter and prepared for the explosive growth of the electric vehicle market in Thailand. .

On September 28, BYD’s new energy passenger car European online conference launched three models of Han, Tang and Yuan PLUS. The price of Yuan PLUS in Germany is 38,000 euros, and the price of Han and Tang in Germany is 72,000 euros, which means that BYD is facing head-to-head in Germany and attacking the old-fashioned fuel vehicle BBA.

On October 4, BYD announced that it has signed a cooperation agreement with SIXT, the world’s leading car rental company. SIXT will purchase at least 100,000 new energy vehicles from BYD in the next 6 years and put them in the high-end car rental market, becoming the largest order for new energy passenger vehicles in Europe.

On October 17, BYD brought three electric models of Tang, Han and Yuan PLUS (named BYD ATTO 3 overseas) to the Paris Auto Show. French President Emmanuel Macron visited the BYD booth on the first day of the auto show, which shows the importance attached to BYD.

Recently, the most authoritative safety certification body in the automotive industry, the European New Car Safety Assessment Association (Euro NCAP), has released its 2022 safety test results. BYD ATTO 3 (domestic name Yuan PLUS) has passed various rigorous tests and obtained the highest five-star safety rating. .

Recently, BYD and Brazil’s largest distributor group Saga opened their first store in the capital Brasilia – BYD Saga Brasília. So far, BYD has established 10 dealer offline stores in Brazil, which is crucial to consolidate the development of BYD auto brand in the Brazilian market.

Every important event shows the courage and determination of BYD to go to sea. In the wave of new energy transformation, domestic BYD is riding the wind and waves.

Third, BYD’s subsea gas, technology is king

The aforementioned BYD ATTO 3 has won the highest five-star safety rating from the EU New Car Safety Evaluation Association, which is just a microcosm of BYD’s many core technologies.

As a leader in new energy vehicles, BYD has industry-leading technologies such as blade batteries, e-platform 3.0, and DM-i super hybrid.

BYD ATTO 3 (Yuan PLUS) is BYD’s first global commercial vehicle to go overseas, and BYD’s technology accumulation is vividly reflected in it. Based on the empowerment of e-platform 3.0 and equipped with blade batteries, it integrates the four advantages of intelligence, efficiency, safety and aesthetics, and solves the problems of new energy vehicles in terms of safety and low-temperature battery life.

BYD’s self-developed blade battery enables longer battery life, longer life, higher volume utilization and stronger safety performance. It is unmatched by other batteries. It has won numerous awards and has become an industry benchmark, and it has also attracted other new energy vehicle brands to compete Cooperation.

Ouyang Minggao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor at Tsinghua University, said that my country’s new energy vehicles have achieved a global lead in both scale and technology, with obvious advantages in leading position, much ahead of the field of fuel vehicles. In terms of scale, my country is the world’s largest new energy vehicle market. On the one hand, it is the efforts of new energy companies, and the most important thing is the support of domestic new energy policies; In the field, it has been at the forefront of the world for a long time and continues to this day. Tesla, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, etc. are all purchasing power batteries from China. BYD, CATL, Funeng Technology, etc. are all representatives of my country’s new energy vehicle technology brands and have long been recognized by the international market.

“Rely on technology to build word of mouth, rely on word of mouth to boost sales”, as long as BYD continues to maintain its technological leadership and product advantages, bring the domestic healthy and fierce competitive mentality to overseas, and properly adhere to technology iteration and product optimization, overseas new energy passenger vehicle sales TOP The list must have a place for the Chinese brand BYD.

Changes in the era of new energy vehicles are inseparable from the promotion of “great” innovators and even creators. In the past, I thought that the innovator might be Tesla, but now, I firmly believe that the innovator must be BYD. We also have reason to believe that Wang Chuanfu’s belief that “it will not be Americans or Germans, but Chinese will lead the auto market in the future” will eventually become a reality.