China and South Korea played against each other in the S12 World Championship, LPL failed to pass BO5, and the BO1 win rate was even lower

On October 30, Beijing time, in the semi-finals of the League of Legends 2022 global finals, T1 successfully defeated JDG 3-1, dashed the last hope of the LPL division, and successfully advanced to the S12 finals.

So far, the four teams in the LPL division have all been eliminated in S12. So far, let’s review some data of the LCK and LPL games.

The LPL and LCK’s match record is that the LPL has 7 wins and 16 losses in the small game, and the winning rate is 30.4%, and they have not won a BO5.

This year’s LPL and LCK competition records are as follows:

RNG 0-1 DRX (Play-In)

EDG 0-2 T1

JDG 2-1 DK (including playoffs)


RNG 1-2 GEN (including playoffs)

RNG 0-3 T1


JDG 1-3 T1

In this S12 World Championship, RNG defeated GEN in the group stage, but in the subsequent game, the match between RNG and GEN was still defeated. JDG had 2-1 with DK in the group stage, and TES also “dry” DRX at the last moment.

I can only say that I hope next year’s LPL can go further and win another championship.