China Air Police-500 and Air Submarine-200 are both “under dumplings”, and special models are chasing the United States

As we all know, the manufacture of aircraft is very complicated. The parts of an aircraft range from hundreds of thousands to millions. Therefore, it is impossible to produce aircraft in a continuous flow production line. For a long time, the aircraft production line is a fixed station, the production line is an aircraft, from the frame to the complete successful offline, all in a fixed station. That is to say, from the beginning to the end, the position of the aircraft remains unchanged. The biggest disadvantage of this method is that the work efficiency is very low.

For example, our Yun-8 uses a fixed-station production line, and it takes 3 to 4 months to produce a single Yun-8, so we see that although the Yun-8 has been in production for decades, its The number of production has always been very small, so the number of aircraft produced is small, not only is there a problem of money, a more critical factor is the lack of production capacity of aircraft manufacturers, and the pulsating production line can greatly improve the production capacity of aircraft manufacturers One of the most effective means, this kind of production line is a combination of fixed station production line and continuous flow production line, and the production of aircraft is divided into several steps and divided into several fixed locations.

When the aircraft completes the current stage of manufacturing, it will move to the next fixed location for production. This movement looks a lot like the pulsation of human blood, so this production line is also called the pulsation production line. Our Yun-9 pulsating production line is divided into 5 stations, that is, each station is a station, and each station has corresponding assembly content.

From the official reports, we can see that the Y-9, which has completed the installation of the fuselage and landing gear, first installs the vertical tail and wings, then installs 4 engines, and then installs the landing gear. , cabin door, fuselage door, and finally to the production line is a brand-new Y-9 carrier platform that can test flight. With the pulsating production line, building a plane can be said to be like making dumplings.

The first pulse production line in our country was born in 2010, which provided strong support for the rapid mass production of our JH-7 “Flying Leopard” fighter-bomber. In 2016, Shaanxi Aircraft Manufacturing Company built the Y-9 pulse production line, and the production of Y-9 entered the fast lane. In addition, according to the reports, we can also see that we still have the J-20 and Y-20 pulse production lines. From the public data, our fighter jets are now being replaced at a rate of more than 100 aircraft every year, and the scale of the fighter jets has already Close to the second in the world, the biggest constraints for the Chinese Air Force to truly move towards the world are transport aircraft, tankers and early warning aircraft.

With the popularization of the pulsating production line, it can not only improve the overall level of aircraft manufacturing in our country, but also help us directly achieve the goal of mass production of aircraft including Yun-9 and Yun-20, so that our air police series, Y-20 and future Y-20B-based strategic early warning aircraft have sufficient capacity guarantee. Shaanxi Aircraft Manufacturing Company I believe many of my friends know that it has always been praised as “the cradle of new China’s special aircraft”. Since its establishment in 1969, it has successively developed four types of equipment for early warning, command, inspection and attack to counter interference, intelligence and reconnaissance. More than 30 types of special aircraft, including the Air Police-200, Air Police-500 early warning aircraft, anti-submarine patrol aircraft and other star special models.

You can also see from this report that more than a dozen Air Police-500, Air Submarine-200 anti-submarine aircraft, and electronic aircraft and other special aircraft are densely parked on the apron outside the Shaanxi Aircraft Factory. . I think there is another point that deserves our high attention. Shaanxi can disclose the production line of the Air Police-500 for the first time, which means that the Air Police-500 is no longer top secret. The police-500 is no longer the most advanced airborne early warning aircraft in our country, which means that we can understand it in this way. The new generation of our country’s airborne police-3000 strategic early warning aircraft is already on the way, and the airborne police-300 will not only have excellent countermeasures The ability to stealth targets, and it will also be the air command center for large fleets of air mobility operations in future wars, is worthy of our expectation.