Children, Changsha International Auto Show invites you to be the “Super Curator”

Red Net Moment News October 28 (Correspondent Yang Zixi) In order to sow the seeds of technology in the hearts of children, the 18th Changsha International Auto Show specially launched the “I am a super curator” activity. Interesting car knowledge, “Super Science Science Show” by Doctor of Magic Science, brand-new parent-child car life experience… Come to the Changsha International Auto Show and you will experience an extraordinary new experience.

From now on, the “Super Little Curator” activity of the Auto Show is officially launched. For all primary and secondary school students under the age of 13 in the province, we invite you to compete for the title of “Super Little Curator” at the Changsha International Auto Show.

The first carnival in China

interest is the best teacher. On the basis of setting up multiple innovative experiences, this year’s Changsha International Auto Show created a new content section of the Carnival of Popularization of Auto Knowledge, and created a series of activities of the Sweet Orange Parent-Child Carnival. Through innovation in different dimensions, the auto show site has been built into a parent-child science popularization paradise integrating display, interaction and knowledge. Parents visit the auto show and their children “take off” happily here.

All parent-child families who attend the “Super Curator” can participate in the super power science show. Doctor of Magic Science will lead the audience to learn about magic science and automobile knowledge through interesting scientific experiments, and cultivate and inspire children’s art. Talent and creativity.

“Who is the super curator” quickly registered

The cool new cars and the auto show booths gathered in the auto technology exhibition are all big stages for all the “super curators” to experience. Such a good opportunity, how can children who like cars miss it? The 18th Changsha International Auto Show will recruit thousands of parent-child families to the auto show site. Through online voting and comprehensive selection, a number of “super curators” will be selected as the opening guests of this auto show. Introduce the venue and live gameplay to the audience in the form of video.

Every child who is selected as the “Super Curator” will receive a practice certificate and a commemorative gift package from the Organizing Committee, watch the Super Science Science Show on the spot, and have the opportunity to participate in the research of the automobile science education base sponsored by the Organizing Committee for free. , Helicopter flight experience and other activities.

During the six-day exhibition period, the small curator activities will continue to be held for the audience. As long as you come to the scene, you will have the opportunity to participate in the selection and interaction of the “Super Little Curator” of the Changsha Auto Show, and win the honorary title, super interesting on-site activities, super fun science popularization The experience is waiting for you to come to the scene.

Come and witness the birth of “Super Curator” with us!