Chengma official announcement: The race will start on November 20, and the registration channel has officially opened!

Today (October 29) at 10:00 am, the 2022 Chengdu Marathon officially started registration. The race will start at 7:30 am on November 20 (Sunday), with a scale of 30,000 participants, including 20,000 for the marathon and 10,000 for the half-marathon. Competitors can register and check relevant information through the official website of Chengdu Marathon ( or the Marathon APP. The deadline for registration is 12:00 noon on October 31st.

The Chengdu Marathon Organizing Committee reserves the entry quota for all runners who have qualified for the 2021 competition until 2022. For runners who do not register within the time specified by the Organizing Committee, this quota will be voided and will not be renewed. The competition does not accept registrations from overseas players for the time being. Foreigners living in China can register and participate normally if they meet the requirements of the competition regulations. If the number of applicants exceeds the quota, the organizing committee will determine the eligibility of the contestants by drawing lots. The result of the draw is expected to be announced in early November.

This event is hosted by the Chengdu Municipal People’s Government, undertaken by Chengdu Municipal Sports Bureau, Chengdu Media Group and other units, the World Marathon Grand Slam Alliance as the guiding unit, the Chinese Athletics Association as the certification unit, and Wanda Sports exclusively operates and promotes.

The 2022 Chengdu Marathon will continue to aim to build a world grand slam event, thoroughly implement the national strategy for national fitness, help build a world famous event city, continue to make efforts in competition organization, brand promotion, etc., optimize runner services, and enrich runner experience.

The race route still uses the classic race track of Chengma. The competitors will start from the Jinsha Site Museum, pass by Du Fu Thatched Cottage, Qingyang Palace, Kuanzhai Alley, People’s Park, Tianfu Square and other urban landmarks, and run from the splendid ancient civilization to the surging new era. The end point of the half marathon is Tianfu International Financial Center, and the end point of the full marathon is the Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center. The contestants will experience the historical heritage and “international style” of Chengdu once again while participating in the competition.

In order to ensure the smooth holding of this event and ensure the health of the contestants, the Chengdu Marathon Organizing Committee has made prudent arrangements in terms of registration qualifications, epidemic prevention and collection requirements under the premise of scientifically assessing the risk of the epidemic and resolutely implementing the requirements for prevention and control. All runners, please read the “2022 Chengdu Marathon Competition Regulations” and “2022 Chengdu Marathon Registration Instructions” carefully before registering.

In terms of epidemic prevention and safety, all competition organization standards and epidemic prevention and control measures will be fully and strictly implemented to ensure that all contestants complete the competition safely and smoothly. All contestants must register for Sichuan Tianfu Health Pass in advance, and the certificate number bound to Sichuan Tianfu Health Pass should be the same as the one used for registration. When you come to Chengdu, you need to follow the epidemic prevention and control reminder text messages and the WeChat public accounts of “Sichuan CDC” and “Healthy Chengdu Official WeChat”. Inspection” related requirements. When picking up the contest items, the contestants must provide their own three-day nucleic acid negative test reports (paper, the final inspection must be completed after arriving in Chengdu), the complete vaccination certificate (paper), and the contestant’s own signature on the spot when the contest equipment is collected. The written “Health and Safety Responsibility Commitment”. After measuring body temperature, verifying the Tianfu Health Pass green code, itinerary code, and scanning the site code, you will enter the venue through security inspection. After receiving the entry items, you must not leave the city until the competition day, and check every day during the competition. Before the start of the competition, if the location of the contestant is designated as a domestic key area or a high, medium and low risk area, the organizing committee will cancel the qualification and refund the registration fee, while retaining its direct quota until 2023. All contestants must present the Tianfu Health Green Code, a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 24 hours, scan the venue code, and actively cooperate with the staff to check before entering the venue on the competition day.

The 2022 Chengdu Marathon will continue to refer to the relevant standards of the Grand Slam in terms of competition organization, and present a most professional event with all participants. The racing wheelchair marathon will be held simultaneously to fully demonstrate the tenacious and optimistic spirit of the disabled. In terms of prize money, in order to encourage and coordinate the improvement of the competitive level of Chinese elite players, the prize money for both the male and female champions will reach 150,000 yuan.

In terms of brand promotion, the organizing committee will focus on excavating the humanistic brilliance that flashed during the event in the past five years, showing the story behind the Chengdu Marathon from multiple perspectives and details such as mass runners, volunteers, leaders, and medical rescuers. A unique perspective that connects people with different roles closely in a marathon with a scale of 10,000 people.

In terms of public welfare cooperation, in order to demonstrate the social responsibility of the Chengdu Marathon and support the original intention of runners to participate in public welfare undertakings, this year’s Chengdu Marathon will continue the giant panda protection and community alternative energy public welfare activities of One Earth Nature Foundation and World Wide Fund for Nature in Liangshan, Sichuan. Cooperation on the project to protect the local giant panda habitat. At the same time, it will also cooperate with the China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation’s Good Action to Help Agriculture Project, Pickup China Environmental Protection Pickup Project, China Social Assistance Foundation Silver Angel Program, China Children’s Charity Relief Foundation Rong Ai Program, and Shanghai True Love Dream Charity Foundation to “go far away.” “The research travel project and the All-China Sports Foundation Chen Yibing Sports Education Special Fund will continue to expand the public welfare influence of the Chengdu Marathon.

The only candidate for the World Marathon Grand Slam in China, the World Athletics Federation elite sign event, the Chinese Athletics Association’s gold medal event, and the “Most Beautiful Track” award of the Chinese Athletics Association’s characteristic event… A series of honors have fully demonstrated the Chengdu Marathon. The pursuit of excellence is a consistent concept of running the competition, and it also reflects Chengma’s determination to keep running forward as a rising star and all supporters. In this year’s Marathon competition, runners can still experience the professional competition organization, safe and orderly event guarantee, high-quality runner services and rich event activities, and feel the efforts and breakthroughs made by the Chengdu Marathon. !

See you on November 20th!

Red Star News reporter Jiang Shan