Chengdu Chuanghong Xingpeng: How can a small store have traffic?

Now the Internet is very developed, and the Internet has already penetrated into all aspects of our life. Whether it is eating, buying clothes, watching movies, etc., we do not turn on mobile phones and the Internet. The e-commerce industry has become the most popular industry at the moment, and some people also want to join. , but I don’t know how to start, let’s talk about it today.

1. Store opening process:

Fill in the qualification information, submit the business license and other relevant certificates after logging in, and it will take about 1 to 3 days to complete the final payment of the deposit.

2. Operation:

Many small partners will not operate after opening the store. In fact, we only need to look at these points in this regard.

Expert-only sales model: The newly opened store may not have the above traffic, then we can seek the help of the experts, let them help bring the goods, and then give them the corresponding commission, but the step of finding the experts is also very critical, you must choose Experts who match their products, not random picks

3. Organic traffic:

4. In the process of opening a store, the platform will give us some traffic, but not much, we need to make good use of these

5. Selection: When we sell products, we must pay attention to the selection and improve the quality of the products, so that when others are shopping around, they will choose us without hesitation.

6. Customer Service

If you do customer service yourself, you must have a correct attitude, answer consumers’ questions carefully, and reduce the rate of bad reviews.

7. Analyze the data

This is very crucial. You have to be able to analyze the data to know what is not doing well and make corrections, so that the store can go further and further.

Read more and learn more, read more strategies and successful cases on the Internet, and imitate and learn. If it really doesn’t work, you can also find a company that operates on your behalf. As long as you persist and operate with heart, the store will not be too bad.