Chen Shu punched in Qingdao! The old drama bone still wears a sweater and still has a girly figure. After 11 years of marriage, she is really slim without having a baby

I believe that no woman will reject sweaters in their daily life. Just like dresses, modern women are still quite dependent on sweaters, especially mature women. Choosing sweaters has an age-reducing effect, which is very eye-catching, followed by lower With high control difficulty and excellent fault tolerance, it is also a good choice for older women to choose sweaters.

Chen Shu is now recognized as an old actor in the entertainment industry, but this old actor is completely different inside and out of the show. Chen Shu in film and television dramas is also vigorous and resolute, especially when it comes to dressing up. One piece is very traditional, but outside the show, this old actor is also quite eye-catching, dressing can be salty or sweet, very good-looking, and very slender.

Dressing Tips: Short Hooded Sweater

Pros: Stylish, youthful, individual

In the choice of sweaters, more than 90% of women will choose the hooded style, because the hooded style is super fashionable, it is really very eye-catching, and the style can be salty or sweet, which can fully satisfy women’s wear. It is required, especially for older women, that when worn on the body, it can also have the effect of reducing age, which is very beautiful.

This time to check in Qingdao, my sister also chose a hooded sweater in the choice of clothing, but compared with the traditional style, Chen Shu’s sweater has a significantly shortened hem, which looks more fashionable and delicate, highlighting a young .

Wearing tips: lace bottoming shirt

Advantages: long on the inside and short on the outside, but also very feminine

The T-shirt style sweater is somewhat different from the general sweater in terms of dressing style. Because of the loose style, women should choose a bottoming shirt to avoid the appearance of the shape. In addition, choose the inner long and the outer short. The bottoming shirt can also enrich the shape, increase the charm of the shape, and most importantly, it can improve the driving difficulty of the driver.

Indeed, in the face of this short hooded sweater, my sister chose a black see-through bottoming shirt. The way of dressing with long inside and short outside looks very delicate, especially the black bottoming shirt is still made of see-through texture. Make the shape full of femininity.

Dressing Tips: Skinny Jeans

Advantages: short on the top and long on the bottom, or a girly figure

The combination of sweater and jeans is recognized as a gold cp in the circle. Both are basic items. In terms of fashion sense, they still lack some, but once the two are combined, the effect presented It’s really good, especially the way of dressing that is tight on the top and the bottom on the loose. Women choose tights, which can not only show the charm of the shape, but also show the advantages of the figure, which is very good-looking.

Don’t look at Chen Shu’s age. After choosing skinny jeans to match a hooded sweater, this slender figure is short at the top and long at the bottom, showing a good figure. The old actor is still a girl. Baby, it’s good.

Tips for dressing: peaked cap + glasses

Advantages: young and beautiful, with literary style

Usually in the face of basic clothes, women like to choose some young ladies to enrich their styles. The advantage of this is to avoid simple styles, but for older women, it is somewhat cumbersome. Just choose basic makeup and hair, of course. Allow yourself, like hat accessories or something, is also quite good.

Chen Shu is very good at this point. He wears a black peaked cap to lower the brim of his hat, and wears glasses to make up the girl group makeup.

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