Chechen troops were swarmed and suffered the most casualties since entering the war, Kadyrov ordered revenge

Author: Wang Wangjun

It is estimated that even Kadyrov would not have thought that this time the ship capsized in the sewer and suffered the largest casualty since entering the war.

Kadyrov really couldn’t laugh anymore, the legion suffered heavy casualties, and urgently ordered: revenge .

Recently, the reference news network published news, the above news was confirmed by Kadyrov himself.

(Kadyrov is with the soldiers)

It’s “Haimas” again!

How powerful is the American-made Haimas?

Let’s talk about performance first. The M142 Haimas rocket launcher has always been a topic of concern to the outside world. Among the U.S. military assistance to Ukraine, Haimas should be said to be the weapon with the strongest offensive capability, no one.

Not to mention the other, just say that this range can be close to 80 kilometers. Compared with any artillery of the Ukrainian army, it has the farthest range. It is no wonder that Haimas played a great role in the Ukrainian battlefield. It turned out that its performance far exceeded Ukraine. performance of all weapons. Or the United States, no matter how bad the country is, its weapons are still very advanced, and it is indeed ahead of others in terms of technology, at least in Russia in front of Ukraine, as the United States ranks first in the military world. , there is indeed a first reason.

It is a pity that the United States did not use this “advanced” in the right way, but as a kind of capital for their hegemony, occupying and wreaking havoc everywhere.

To tell the truth, for Chechnya, this incident is indeed a bit low-level, and it should not have happened. It seems that the education and guidance of the soldiers were not timely and in place.

Things are a bit dramatic – the reason is that some soldiers posted photos of driving or camping on social networks (or maybe a circle of friends on mobile phones), originally wanted to show off, but this is a taboo on the battlefield, after all, this is war, modern high Technology has far surpassed the face-to-face of cold weapons. A little carelessness will reveal the target, and mobile phones can basically be the carrier of key location information directly. In Russia, this has a profound lesson.

Russia, because of a selfie photo caused a disaster. You should remember it, this is the photo below.

It is estimated that not to mention this soldier, and even more people would not have thought that such a small selfie photo would reveal important military information of the country, and as a result, it directly led to tens of billions of water in the country. drift.

Some people may say that it will not be such a serious thing. Then you underestimate the ubiquity of technological means. It is not difficult to see an important message from the above photo, that is, Russia has assembled a large number of troops, and these troops are in Ukraine. At that time, Ukraine used this selfie photo to testify against Russia, and in the end Russia had to pay Ukraine. billions in compensation.

A photo leaked military secrets. As the soldier, the original intention of posting the photo was definitely not to cause such serious consequences, but in fact, because of this leak, Western countries found a way to suppress it. The excuse also made Putin really feel what passivity is.

Soldiers could be severely punished, so what? The loss of the country cannot be recovered, and Putin can only swallow his voice.

However, Russian soldiers do not have a long memory. In this Russian-Ukrainian war, the Ukrainian army successfully beheaded many Russian generals through the collection of intelligence. Ukraine also located the Russian ammunition depot through the photo below, and it is an ammunition depot with a large amount of ammunition reserves.

Once the photo was posted on the Internet, it was quickly monitored by Ukraine. Although the Russian army also deployed air defense systems, it did not withstand the onslaught of Ukraine. As a result, the ammunition depot exploded, and it took more than 3 hours to explode. It is a pity for Wang Wangjun. After all, on the battlefield, ammunition is the capital to advance victory. These losses should indeed become another big lesson for the Russian army.

Or the selfie fault.

In such a fast-developing Internet age, we cannot underestimate any function of the Internet. Even a small mistake may lead to a war or even more losses.

So when it comes to the point of this article, it turned out to be an unlucky “net celebrity” in the Chechen army who inadvertently leaked his location, causing dozens of people to be turned over. This is indeed a big deal for Kadyrov. loss.

The reckless behavior of the Chechen soldiers made this loss both expected and unexpected, but it is certain that at least a large number of elites were killed and injured, no wonder Drov wanted to take revenge. .

Therefore, the battlefield situation is changing rapidly, and no one should underestimate any detail. The so-called details determine success or failure is the truth.

According to media reports, the Ukrainian army has also experienced such a lesson, because the whereabouts were locked and they were hit by the other side. It is said that the Russian army also has clear requirements, but why repeated prohibitions and repeated offenses can be summed up after careful reflection. Well, as for the troops on the Chechnya side, the soldiers are indeed a little disobedient and are keen to publish information on social media, which will directly lead to and easily lead to the leakage of information, because the horror of social media lies in the fact that it cannot be kept secret at all. As long as it is locked and tracked by the other side for the first time, there is no escape. This is the characteristic of modern warfare.

Protect yourself first before you can hit the enemy. This is the eternal truth.

For Russia, and even for us, the lesson to be learned is how to use intelligence data as a support for judging the battlefield situation. Many military experts are analyzing the epochal nature of the Russian-Ukrainian war. Further, why Zelensky is so tough and even unwilling to negotiate with Russia, in addition to the support of a large number of modern equipment in Western countries, the most important point is to have the first Hand intelligence data.

They can accurately obtain relevant and accurate information through a building sign, a text sign, or a 1-second video lens. Too many cases prove that information warfare is much more cruel than we imagined. What to do then? Staying away from the Internet will prevent information from being exposed. Perhaps in the course of the war, such extraordinary measures have to be taken.

From another point of view, the performance of the Chechen troops really made Kadyrov very dissatisfied, and Wang Wangjun will not express them one by one here. There is only one point, Kadyrov’s loyalty to Putin is still very high. If nothing else, he was able to send several of his young sons to the forefront of the Russian-Ukrainian war, and he also obtained certain victories.

(Kadyrov sent his sons to the battlefield too)

The war is still going on, and it is even developing towards a bad situation, but in any case, grasping the characteristics and laws of modern warfare is the key factor for victory. Russia should not understand this.

According to Putin in an interview with the media on October 27, local time, the difference between the losses of the Russian and Ukrainian troops is quite large, which means that although Russia has a lot of losses, the losses of the Ukrainian troops are more than 10 times that of Russia. As of now, the battle between the two armies has been intensified, and the “end” may only be a distant expectation.