Chechen leader: troops suffered many casualties

According to a report by the German news agency Kyiv on October 28, the leader of the Russian Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, admitted on the 27th that the Chechen troops participating in the special Russian military operation in Ukraine suffered many casualties. Earlier, the Ukrainian military said it had shelled Chechen troops in southern Kherson.

According to the report, Kadyrov said on the “Telegram” social platform later on the 27th: “23 soldiers were killed and 58 were wounded.”

Ukrainian military sources said earlier this week that Ukrainian forces had identified their location through photos posted on social networks by Chechen troops and shelled them.

Kadyrov also called on his countrymen to mobilize support for operations in Ukraine, the report said.

Since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Kadyrov has been one of the most staunch supporters of military action and has dispatched Chechen troops. He also frequently criticized the Russian military leadership for being too weak.

(Source: Reference News)