Changsha Unicom: 5G empowers smart sanitation and helps build a beautiful smart city

Recently, Changsha Unicom, relying on new technologies such as 5G, big data, and the Internet of Things, has tailored a “smart sanitation” integrated management platform for the Ningxiang Environmental Sanitation Maintenance Center. Through the in-vehicle intelligent terminal developed by China Unicom, the platform realizes the real-time scheduling and monitoring of vehicles, effectively solving the problems of inconvenient scheduling of clearing and transportation vehicles and the inability to track vehicle trajectories in real time. At present, the system has installed 120 sets of vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal equipment and 120 fuel consumption sensors, helping customers to solve about 25% of operating costs, and helping the sanitation work of Ningxiang Environmental Sanitation Maintenance Center enter a new “smart era”. Townships and cities have contributed to China Unicom’s efforts to build a new digital smart city.