“Changsha City Network Security Operation Center” won the IDC 2022 Asia Pacific Smart City Award

  In recent years, the Changsha Municipal Data Resources Administration has successively issued documents such as the “Changsha Municipal Affairs Data Security Management Measures” and the “Implementation Rules for the Responsibility System for Network Security Work”, clarifying the government cloud network management units, users, cloud service providers and other parties. It has perfected the closed-loop management process of network security risks and hidden dangers.

  From 2022 to now, through the all-weather real-time monitoring and analysis of the Changsha City Network Security Operation Center, as well as various network security special actions, a total of more than 7,000 potential network security risks in Changsha municipal affairs have been discovered, and all of them have been supervised to complete the rectification, effectively creating a clear and clean environment. Government network security environment. During the important meetings of major events at all levels in the city, the Changsha Data Resources Administration made overall arrangements in advance, formulated work plans, organized professional technical forces to carry out network emergency response and on-duty work, and ensured the security of various information systems and government cloud network services in the smart city. Operation, escort the city network security.

  The relevant person in charge of Changsha Data Resources Administration said that in the future, Changsha City Network Security Operation Center will be driven to gradually transform from the era of city network security operation 1.0 based on consolidating network security management and control and implementing security responsibilities to an intelligent city security center. Based on the platform, it deeply penetrates into the 2.0 era of digital government, digital society, and digital people’s livelihood needs, forming a “Changsha Experience” that can be replicated and promoted in the field of network security, and contributes Changsha’s strength to building a strong network country.