Change the whole set! EG disbands the entire coaching staff, the agent refutes the rumor that Viper joins DK

There are only four teams remaining on the stage of the League of Legends S12 finals. Most of the teams that have been on vacation are thinking about the new season. Some teams did not hesitate to disband the entire coaching staff in order to express their determination to rise up; the interaction between the two closely watched players gave fans the confidence to create better results in the coming year…

Next, let’s take a look at what topics have happened in the LOL circle recently~

The entire coaching staff of EG was disbanded

At this year’s League of Legends S12 global finals, all the LCS division teams stopped in the group stage. Although these are expected by the American audience, but fighting in the homeland can not support their own team, who can say that it is not uncomfortable after experiencing it?

As the third seed, EG came up from the play-in stage, but failed to make the team’s first world tour to a good result. It seems that in order to make itself more competitive next year, EG’s official blog released a message, officially announcing the termination of the contract with the original coaching staff members Rigby, Turtle, Artemis, and ZzLegendary.

As for the reinforcement work of the players, it will be announced one after another in the subsequent off-season.

EG won the championship in the spring split and represented the LCS division in the MSI. The twin stars composed of Jojopyun and Danny set off a youth storm. In the summer playoffs, however, Danny’s personal psychological problems ultimately kept him out of Worlds. Without Riot’s promo, Danny’s name might not be mentioned for months.

The current problem in the LCS division is that the internal competitiveness is not strong, and the 28-year-old Impact is still slapping young people in the division. Following the return of Bilson, it is reported that the senior brother is also contacting the LCS team recently, seeking the possibility of a comeback. EG’s advantage is to have two young enough cores to strengthen, and they are still the favorites to win the championship next year.

Of course, the premise of all this is that Danny’s mentality can be adjusted back.

VIT Nakano Linkage, Perkz Recognizes Bo is the Right Person

Before the start of the League of Legends S12 global finals, foreign media once selected the “most disappointing team”. The VIT team in the LEC division was selected because it failed to make the summer playoffs. With Perkz and Alphari two star players, no one could have predicted that VIT’s S12 season would end so dismal. And in the new year, putting Bo in the starting lineup seems like VIT’s last chance.

Recently, Perkz mentioned Bo for the first time in a live broadcast. Regarding the only Chinese player in the LEC, Perkz said that the relationship between the two is good, and they can have a good chemistry in the game. According to Perkz himself, he also invited Bo to a local bar. But this is really the case, or Perkz is trying to describe the relationship between the two, only the parties know.

Over the past few months, both LEC audiences and OB anchors have been fascinated by Bo. His Ranking efficiency, style of play, and superb operation have all enabled him to gain a large number of fans before he even played a game.

Last month, Haru, the original jungler of VIT, had applied for a job online, which was a disguised confirmation that Bo would get a chance to play.

Looking forward to the arrival of the new season, the Chinese player Bo, who has been highly expected by the LEC audience, can perform in line with everyone’s expectations.

Viper’s transfer to DK? The agent officially refutes the rumor

It has been less than a week since EDG was eliminated from the League of Legends S12 quarterfinals, but rumors about player trades have been spread recently. Viper, whose contract with EDG will expire this year, has become the object of pursuit by many teams. At the Korean Open, the DK team, which ended up in the quarter-finals because of poor performance in the bottom lane, was already too greedy for the S11 champion AD.

In the gathering place of DK fans, you can see all kinds of P pictures. Without exception, they all wanted to convey what DK meant by bringing in Viper.

But although the fan’s imagination is good, the actual situation may not be as they wish. Today, Viper’s agent posted a dynamic on Twitter, warning everyone to be wary of false rumors. This dynamic is undoubtedly in response to various rumors on the Internet. At least for now, Viper’s next home has not been determined.

This offseason has been a turning point for both EDG and DK. The former’s goal is to maintain the original lineup as much as possible, while the latter’s goal is to reinforce the bottom lane. But considering next year’s Asian Games, the possibility of Viper returning to the LCK exists. If that happens, DK is really his best bet. (T1, GEN, DRX bot lane players are all core)

It is foreseeable that in the next two months, you will see more and more rumors of player trading.