Changan Yidong plus car audio modification is good at audio, built for comfort!

Music is really a spiritual feeling. Different music styles bring different feelings to people. It is a refreshing artistic language. You can always find yourself in music, and you will always gain in music. strength. Simple workmanship and low-quality materials make the music played by the original sound system of Changan Eado Plus chaotic and poor in clarity, making it difficult for people to hear high-quality music. In order to improve the quality of the sound, the car owner also took great pains to find us. Do problem analysis and upgrade plan for its car captain, An Yidong Plus.

Changan Eado Plus car audio modification configuration list:

Front sound field: Danish Finn SQ-6.5E two-way

Subwoofer: Unique Slim Subwoofer

Soundproofing: Four-door Shilong double-layer soundproofing

High-end car interior ambient light

Before installing the horn, do sound insulation for the four doors. After removing the door trim panel, you can see that the sheet metal in the door cannot suppress the wind noise generated during driving. In addition to sound insulation and noise reduction, sound insulation can also reduce the internal noise of the door. Resonance problem, reduce the sound from the speaker to bounce in the door panel, improve the sound quality of the speaker.

In the current car audio market, all kinds of products are emerging one after another, and riders have more and more choices when it comes to audio modification. When it comes to the most popular products for riders, they must be those with high quality. The individual listening requirements of the riders. In this regard, Fenlang car audio has a proud record. The front sound field is equipped with a Danish Finlang two-way set, which is composed of 25mm silk dome diaphragm tweeter/N40 high-grade neodymium steel composite magnetic circuit/steel structure mid-bass cone/special pulp mid-bass cone/10 OZ magnet/2 Layered aluminum voice coil/symmetric passive crossover is constructed with exquisite production and perfect sound quality, which is deeply loved by car enthusiasts.

In order to make up for the lack of low frequency, a unique bass is installed in the bass part. The overall bass of the ultra-thin subwoofer is deep and powerful, thick and flexible, clean and elastic.

With the development of today’s society, our life and technology are closely linked. All have adapted to the era of portable big data. Cars are also the most convenient necessities for our travel. Of course, the car ambient light is also the flavoring agent in our long-distance travel. This is about our interior atmosphere lights, which can create a warm and romantic feeling for the whole car, set off a relaxed and happy atmosphere, and also illuminate the car environment, so there is no need to smear the eyes at night.

Changan Eado Plus has been modified and upgraded with 5 speakers. The high, mid-low and subwoofer sound effects are clearly layered, bright and transparent. It is tailored according to the owner’s preferences. The upgrade is effective. very satisfied.

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