Cerebral hemorrhage is committed! Brother Crystal ob’s review of EDG was made two chase three, and he bluntly said that he invited God K

Brother Crystal recently observed the match between EDG and DRX during the live broadcast. He said that he wanted to see where EDG lost. In the BP session, Brother Crystal took a look at EDG’s thinking and bluntly said that there was no problem in the first two rounds, but it seemed to be getting more and more wrong later.

I have to say, in fact, many viewers also feel the same way. The front looks a little better, but the back is getting more and more wrong, as if there is something wrong with the team. In fact, in terms of BP, EDG played very well originally, and the idea was correct, but because of Beryl’s several waves of play, EDG was a little too focused on Beryl, which also caused EDG’s BP to be a bit passive, and finally because of this Lost to DRX.

In the process of DRX chasing two and three, Brother Crystal bluntly said that EDG really did not understand the advantages of his team at all. And Brother Crystal also said that in fact, DRX did not handle many details very well. The upper limit of personal strength is there. No matter how they operate, their strength can’t keep up, but EDG just doesn’t dare to fight. No, this also leads to DRX can always ride the face.

Seeing the performance of EDG, Brother Crystal was very angry and said that he had committed a cerebral hemorrhage. This EDG only invited K God to play such a performance. I have to say, Brother Crystal was really dizzy, I didn’t expect him to be so ruthless that he even started spraying himself. And this can also see Brother Crystal’s disappointing attitude towards EDG. Originally, EDG was able to achieve good results. After all, there is a big gap between DRX and their strength, but EDG failed to seize this opportunity. In the end, DRX let two chase three, and EDG became a shame.

Last year, he proved himself by winning the championship. This year, he was beaten by DRX in the quarterfinals. I have to say that the lower limit of the LPL team can always refresh the audience’s perception. Brother Crystal said bluntly that EDG’s biggest problem is that BP is not well done, and the strength of the players has indeed been affected. If they play in a normal state, EDG will definitely not be afraid of DRX, and even they are likely to directly zero seals DRX. So what do you think about EDG being let two chase three? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area~