Century Lianhua’s anniversary encounters the third round of “Love Shanghai” consumer coupons, and the discounts on popular products are uninterrupted

The third round of “Igo Shanghai” electronic consumer coupons will start to release the winning results on the evening of October 30. As one of the popular merchants in the first two rounds, Lianhua will still cooperate with the third round of “Igo Shanghai” electronic consumer coupons From November 1st to November 20th, through the Alipay applet, online and offline general coupons of 150-15 yuan will be launched. Each consumer can receive 2 coupons. In Century Lianhua, Lianhua Supermarket, Kuaike and online Bailian Daojia channels are superimposed with “Igo Shanghai” consumer coupons for use.

“Love Shanghai” consumer coupons plus subsidies, Lianhua superimposed “discount on discount” to leverage consumption

During the first two rounds of “Igo Shanghai” consumer coupons, Lianhua invested a total of more than 35 million subsidies, and launched a series of popular products and gift boxes in the event to meet the needs of consumers in different seasons. The two rounds of “Igo Shanghai” consumer coupons used in Lianhua exceeded 850,000 in total, driving consumption of over 90 million yuan. Among them, the sales of coupons in the second round increased by more than 50% year-on-year, and the unit price of customers increased by nearly 20%. The form of superimposed subsidies on consumer coupons has greatly increased the activity of the consumer market, and at the same time, it has also provided real benefits to ordinary people.

During the use of the coupons, Lianhua also launched a number of seasonal products, such as: 10 kg of Youfu Northeast Pearl Rice with an original price of 54.8 yuan, which is a new rice that was just launched this year. 29.8 yuan, a box of season-limited Ehime jelly oranges 59.9 yuan, and only 34.9 yuan after superimposing the “Igo Shanghai” coupons, as well as the old hemp ducks that nourish yin and stomach in autumn, and Gannan old hens. Commodities, various combinations of rest food, wine, grain and oil, all have discounts.

Century Lianhua’s anniversary promotion starts at 50% off, with hundreds of good items to meet consumer needs

As the results of the third wave of “Igo Shanghai” consumer coupons are about to be announced, Century Lianhua’s annual anniversary promotion is in full swing. Selected discounted products in the store are 50% off, involving preferential categories. Including: fresh food, rest food, wine, home, personal care, etc. Century Lianhua hopes to fully repay the support of consumers with a rich variety of products and a good consumer experience.

Not only products, but before October 31, Bailiantong members can get a set of 50 yuan deduction coupons with a single consumption of 100 yuan, which contains 3 deduction coupons of different amounts, each of which is 10 yuan after spending 100 yuan. Coupon, 1 coupon worth 15 yuan after spending 150 yuan, 1 coupon worth 25 yuan when spending 250 yuan, each Bailiantong member can get a maximum of 2 sets for a single consumption. The discount coupons can be used from November 1st to November 20th. The discount coupon activities are combined with cost-effective and super-valued products, and then superimposed with the “Igo Shanghai” consumption coupons. Under the multiple discounts and benefits, the price more sincere.

 From November 4th to November 6th, online Bailian Daojia will also launch the “Double Food and Clothing” promotion, including popular items, 25% off sitewide, and limited-time seckills, allowing consumers to enjoy the best deals. and convenience. From November 9th to November 20th, Lianhua will hold the second season of national hot pot activities. Many well-known hot pot brands such as Anjing, Guiguan, Haibawang, Damuhan, Dachang and so on will participate in the purchase of 99 minus 30, go to any one. In Lianhua Supermarket directly-operated stores and Century Lianhua stores, you can enjoy the full discount after a single purchase is full. At the same time, from November 9th to December 4th, Lianhua’s “National Hotpot Shabu Shabu” mini game will be launched. Consumers who scan the code to participate in the game will have the opportunity to win free Snowflake Fat Beef Slices, Baby Cabbage, Mushrooms and Meiji yogurt products.

Although the National Day Golden Week has long passed, the consumption boom of “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” continues, and many online and offline activities of Lianhua are also being carried out. Hua uses multiple methods such as stacking discount coupons, launching full-reduction activities, and launching interactive experience games to stimulate consumption recovery. While accelerating the recovery and improvement of internal consumption, it also strives to enable consumers to enjoy more benefits and obtain better shopping. experience.