Celebrating the second anniversary of Genshin Impact, 38 internet celebrities launched COS relay: We will meet in parallel worlds

The popular game “Genshin Impact” has been online for two years without knowing it. During these two years, countless players have been attracted to the continent of Tivat. On the occasion of the second anniversary of the original god, there are also countless great gods offering gifts and support, using their familiar methods to celebrate the birthday of the original god.

Recently, 38 top cosplayers have also organized their work, and organized a group to launch a Genshin Impact COS relay event “Hello, my parallel world. We will meet again”. In the video, the players who are ordinary people have changed their perspectives and become well-known characters in Tivatri, and the super luxurious COSPLAY lineup will call for their favorite Genshin Impact!

As long as you have followed the COS circle of Yuanshen, you must be familiar with the well-known Yingmei Coser “Kawano”. This time, she and “Aoki Yuta” played Brother Kong from a living brother and sister to the protagonist of the Tivat Continent, and then sprinkle a piece of The red maple leaves opened the relay curtain for this COSPLAY show.

The well-known menswear boss “KumaQi Xiong Qi,” El Heisen of COS Xumi, who would have thought that this muscular man in the Tivat continent, exuding the masculine breath of a fitness man, turned out to be a girl COS? Not to mention, Al Heisen’s chest muscle props are really a little tempting!

“Shuji cill”, who was working hard in the botanical garden, turned into Tenari, the forest ranger of Sumeru.

Wearing a black Hanfu, “Walking Shake ZLY” passed through Shimen and became Shen He. After stroking the maple leaves and looking back, she really has an elegant temperament like a fairy, making netizens fall in love with the beauty of the prosperous age.

In a blink of an eye, the “Yi Shuai” who was hawking on the street turned into a well-known businessman. Now not only are the characters here, but all the NPCs are present, which really constitutes a picture of all living beings in Tivat.

Seeing such a large-scale COS relay event, many netizens sighed that this is a full-fledged lineup. Whether it is the scene layout or the transition connection, it can be seen that they have been carefully arranged, and they think they have really traveled to Tivat. Some netizens said that Uncle Liben was too soulful and wanted to send him garbage as soon as he saw it…

Although Tivat Continent is only a virtual game world, Yuanshen has brought us so much emotion and made everyone find a sense of belonging here. So if you travel to the Tivat continent, which character would you most like to meet?