Cecilia Cheung’s live broadcast brought the goods overturned, and the quality of the home textiles sold was problematic, and consumers demanded a refund and a loss of three

Cecilia Cheung, the new “Queen of goods” in the live broadcast industry, just completed the small goal of 100 million in her live broadcast room. She didn’t expect that she would overturn the car within a few days. The product, after receiving the goods, found that the quality was very poor. It was simply a street stall, and it did not match the introduction in the live broadcast room at all.

Therefore, the consumer found the merchant to say that although they can return the goods, there is still no reasonable explanation for the demand for triple compensation. The result now is that the consumer feels that he has been cheated!

In fact, this is quite common in the goods-carrying circle. Brother Hua also said before that you need to be rational when watching live broadcasts. This circle is really messy, fake goods are everywhere, and many viewers are basically aiming for low prices. I bought it, but think about it, the cost of some expensive products is there. How could the merchant sell it at a loss in order to give the so-called welfare to the “family”? Don’t explain that the star has a big face, and the business is very shrewd when it comes to interests.

So, the low-priced products that many consumers grabbed quickly may not have a high price in the first place. As long as the anchors exaggerate their words during the introduction, and some navy forces set off the atmosphere, many people will impulsively place orders. Everyone feels that I took advantage of myself, but in fact it was me who was taken advantage of, everything was just a routine.

Especially those star anchors who have just entered the industry and bring goods, because they want to make money quickly, they do not consider quality issues at all when choosing products, and whoever pays more will sell their products. They only care about the number of transactions with the goods. , After-sales are not important to them at all. After all, if they want to inspect the quality of the product, it takes too much time and energy. They don’t want to waste their energy on it. If they have time, it is better to open a few more live broadcasts for their own. “Family” send a wave of welfare!

As for Cecilia Cheung, although she has been affected this time, this sister doesn’t really care. After all, she is always a liar. In the early years, in order to gain attention, she said a lot of “empty words”. , Now, for the sake of making money, she doesn’t care anymore. Anyway, after earning money, other people like to say whatever they want, and fame can’t be used as a meal, so it’s more realistic to get the money.

But there is one thing to say that this sister’s filter is really strong. Under the obvious evidence from consumers, there are still people who complained for Cecilia Cheung, saying whether someone deliberately wanted to black her. The product is not fake, but the quality is not good. It’s the businessman’s reason, why do you want to cue Cecilia Cheung? Of course, this is because the netizens bought it from her live broadcast room. If it wasn’t because of their trust in Cecilia Cheung, the netizens would have to buy the products of that merchant when they were full, and reviewing the quality is one of the responsibilities of the anchor. Anyway, This has verified the fact that Cecilia Cheung is not dedicated.

All in all, after this wave, Cecilia Cheung’s reputation has gone down to some extent. If she wants to bring more goods in the future, if she does not improve her business ability and team selection ability, then she estimates that she can only rely on selling feelings to fool fans to pay. .

In addition, there are Qi Wei and Li Chengxuan. In fact, Qi Wei was the most popular one on the star-carrying list before, but Qi Wei also overturned because of selling fake goods. The popularity of Qi Wei and his wife also fell down, although she There is active public relations there, but netizens don’t buy it. How much they trusted her in the past, how much they hate her now. In the past two days, the couple has also been working together to hype the design of conjugal people, but they were ridiculed a lot. Isn’t this a living example, so Cecilia Cheung’s anchor career, everyone will wait and see!

There are only so many potential consumers for live broadcasts. In order to make money, the anchors are also very involved. In addition to being a little more famous than amateur anchors, the ability to bring goods is actually not as good as these professionals. Moreover, with the gradual regulation of the live broadcast industry, Consumers are stepping on thunder and becoming more rational. It is not easy for celebrities to make big money in this circle!

Discussion: What is your opinion on the suspected sale of fake and inferior products in Cecilia Cheung’s live broadcast room?