Cats are transformed into giant Bosses, and the camera app of “Dark Souls” six years ago has become popular again

FromSoftware’s “Elden Ring” made a lot of noise in the first half of this year (2022), attracting many new players to enter the soul game. Some old products in the past, such as: “Devil’s Soul”, “Dark Soul” series, “Blood Curse”, “Sekiro”, etc., have also been brought out by players for discussion. Recently, the doctor noticed that a derivative software related to the soul game has also become popular in the community!

We all know that in soul-based games, developers have designed many powerful bosses. In order to reflect the power of the bosses, they are generally very tall. What would be the effect of these giant bosses if they became the cats at home? Presumably everyone and Dr. have not thought about this issue. However, Bandai Namco and FromSoftware already gave fans a software tool six years ago to shoot real-world productions in a variety of Souls styles.

The name of the software is “DARKSOULS Camera”, which is a mobile app running on iOS and Android systems. As the name suggests, the app is a photo-shooting app based on the Dark Souls game, which was designed to celebrate the launch of Dark Souls 3, which was also released in 2016. The “Dark Souls Camera” app naturally became popular for a while when it was launched, but what is surprising is that six years after the software was launched, it became popular again!

This derivative software is very creative, but the design idea is not complicated. It just provides players with various screen elements in the game “Dark Souls”, such as: health bar, inventory, etc. UI, of course, including characters And a variety of familiar dialogue content, in-game prompts (YOU DIED, BONFIRE LIT) and more. With these things, we can shoot real things in a soul style. Recently, there have been many photos taken with the app in the player community, and everyone has easily transformed the common daily casual scenes into the desperate “Dark Souls” game scene in an instant.

Among them, the protagonists that players choose to shoot are generally pets raised at home. With the help of the “Dark Souls Camera” App, the cute and cute cat turned into a giant Boss to block in front of the player! The visual changes in body shape make the usual cute cats into oppressive “monsters”, which is very interesting!

In addition to cats, other players interact with the rabbits at home, the lions in the zoo, and even the kebabs ordered in the restaurant through the “Dark Soul Camera” app. After adding some game UI to the common photos, the whole feeling has changed, isn’t it amazing?

At present, it is not very clear why the camera app of “Dark Souls” six years ago has suddenly become popular again. The doctor speculates that it may be related to the hot sale of “Ayrden’s Circle”. This game has increased FromSoftware’s reputation again. Once it has reached a level and gained more fans, the small software developed by it has the opportunity to be known by more people. There are already many people who hope that the developer will release the camera software for the “Ayrden Circle” version, which should be very interesting.