Catch the wind of the metaverse, VRAR horror movies and games are popular overseas on Halloween

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The annual Halloween is approaching, and every time in recent years, some companies will launch Halloween-themed VRAR horror movies or games. This year, under the leadership of Meta, many overseas companies have launched various VRAR Halloween-themed works, bringing players a novel and interesting horror experience and festive fun, and adding a beautiful color of trendy technology to this traditional western festival.

Meta: Movie + Game

This year, Meta features Halloween VR movies, with a series of new, immersive horror experiences tailored for Meta Quest users.

First of all, Meta invited Eli Roth, a well-known American horror film director who directed Cabin Fever and Hostel, to create a brand new “Haunted House” ( Haunted House) video. The film stars American actress Vanessa Hudgens, who has played in films such as “Knight Through Time”.

The film begins in one of the most exciting Halloween neighborhoods in town, where Huggins, dressed as a fairy, invites a young woman into a notoriously haunted dollhouse, before the audience enters a heart-pounding nightmare. Blending reality with nightmares, the film takes viewers through a horrific house party: Hudgens uses toxic glue that kills everyone who plays with the dolls — including her own two daughters.

Haunted House premieres October 21 on Meta’s Horizon Worlds and Meta Quest TV. The 30-minute film is the first thriller movie ever to feature a 180-degree VR experience. In it, viewers can get a deeply immersive viewing experience and go on a terrifying Halloween adventure.

“I worked with Eli Roth, Crypt TV and Meta to bring this horrific story to life,” said star Hudgens. “The film adds a lot of excitement to the characters, considering how to give viewers an immersive experience in 180 degrees. new elements. I don’t want to reveal too much, but I can say for sure that you’ll be intimidated…you’ll love it.”

Director Ross said, “I love the storytelling format and have wanted to make a truly immersive horror film for years. I wanted to build the ultimate haunted house, and Meta enabled me to bring my vision to life.”

Meta has also released a new four-episode VR series, Scream Park, starring Stranger Things star Grace Van Dien. Each episode is 7 minutes long, provides a 360° VR entertainment experience, integrates live-action performances into the world of 3D animation, and takes the audience to experience the thrilling process of riding a roller coaster. A lively playground, twinkling lights, into the mouth of the scary-looking clown, through the winding bends, and experiencing a dizzying spin that makes people terrified and creepy.

Meta has also hosted a series of other Halloween VR events:

Episode 2 of “Tokyo Case” launches on October 21. This is a two-part 360-degree Japanese horror short film that is currently being sought after by players on Meta Quest TV.

Play the Meta Horizon Worlds Drive-In event at Meta’s Horizon Worlds, stream a selection of monster horror movies from Crypt TV, and experience a Halloween-themed drive-in movie.

Launched the 360-degree VR movie Alien Apocalypse. Based on the dystopian work of HG Wells, the film presents a world war.

Meta’s Halloween sale on the Quest Store has also been launched, and discounts on Quest 2 games will continue until the end of the month, with discounts of more than 30%, including many game apps such as “Resident Evil”, “The Walking Dead” and “Witcher Waltz”.

echo3D: 7 AR games

Echo3D, an American 3D/AR/VR cloud platform company that received $5.5 million in additional financing three months ago, launched 7 Halloween-themed AR games for iOS before the holiday:

Zombies Everywhere, Pumpkin Basketball, Ghost Blasters 2, Pumpkin Popper-AR, Augmented Halloween), Halloween Candy Tracker, Horror Me AR.

echo3D Halloween-themed AR game Pumpkin Basketball

Some of these games are thrilling and some are humorous. E.g:


(Zombies Everywhere)

Players battle zombies trying to find themselves in the real world or in a virtual environment. In the meantime, obstacles, such as dogs, ancient dead people, etc., must be eliminated. Players will use flamethrowers, sniper rifles, shotguns, miniguns and other weapons. Levels are harder as enemies appear shorter and more enemies are present. As the player kills more zombies, more weapons will be unlocked, making the game infinite loop and endless fun.

“Enhanced Halloween”

(Augmented Halloween)

Players can enjoy a fully immersive experience through a mobile phone with AR software downloaded. There are five ghoul territories in the game, including bats, lightning, thunder, rainstorm, fireflies, ghost pirates, interactive pumpkin fields, and an AR graveyard the size of a football field. The game allows players to feel the thrilling excitement of a haunted house in the real world.

“Pumpkin Popper-AR”

(Pumpkin Popper-AR)

This is a simple and charming AR interactive game. Pumpkins magically appear in AR in orange, green and blue. Players must open pumpkins and dodge pumpkins thrown back to avoid injury until the pumpkin boss appears as the game progresses. Pumpkin bosses are fearless and will throw pumpkins and pumpkin intestines at players in retaliation. Bonus points if the player takes off the witch’s hat.

Garage Collective/Wolf & Wood

Update + Free

American game company Garage Collective has announced that it will release an updated version of VR shooter Shock Troops on Halloween, and players can update it for free.

Inspired by classics like Doom and Quake, Strike Force is a VR shooter. Launched in September 2021, the game is the sequel to Theta Legion, which the company released in 2018.

The game is a fast-paced shooter that combines a 3D environment with a 2D view, allowing players to experience the crazy gameplay of classic shooters in a highly immersive VR experience.

British game company Wolf & Wood has released the latest free update for its VR horror game The Exorcist: Legion VR on the Meta Quest platform ahead of the festival.

The game was originally released between 2017 and 2018, before being ported to the Quest as a package. After last year’s 90Hz update for the Quest 2, Wolf & Wood promised even bigger changes.

In the five chapters of this update, the graphics have been completely improved, the lighting effects are more realistic, and the 3D audio is very luxurious. The game is only supported on the Meta Quest platform, and publisher Fun Train confirmed that the update is available for Quest 1 and Quest 2 headsets.

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The colorful VRAR horror movies and games are undoubtedly the perfect match for Halloween. Whether it’s a teen craving a thrilling thrill, or an adult nostalgic for a happy Halloween from their childhood, there’s always something in these works that can bring spooky joy and add more oomph to the holiday season. At the same time, these Halloween-themed movies and games will bring good performance to overseas VRAR companies.

2017-2024 Global VR Virtual Reality Game Revenue (Unit: USD Billion)

There are reports that there will be more than 2.2 billion active mobile gamers worldwide by 2022. At the same time, according to the forecast of Statista, an international data and statistics agency, the global VR game industry revenue will grow from 400 million US dollars in 2017 to 2.4 billion US dollars in 2024; in addition, by 2024, there will be an estimated 1.7 billion mobile AR user devices in the world.

2019-2024 Global Mobile AR Augmented Reality Active User Devices (Unit: Billion)

It can be seen that in the future, VRAR movies and games will usher in more development space, especially in conjunction with various festivals – such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, etc., there will be more and more festival-themed works, and the formation of The trend is very promising.