“Catch” Britain’s involvement in sabotaging “North Stream”, will Russia retaliate?

The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed for the first time that the British Royal Navy was involved in the bombing of the “Nord Stream” natural gas pipeline!

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Zakharova (pictured below) said on October 29, local time, that the British side participated in the attack on the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the sabotage of the “Nord Stream-1” and “North Stream-2” pipelines. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working with relevant departments to formulate practical response measures.

The Russian Ministry of Defense issued a statement on October 29, local time, saying that at 4:20 a.m. that day, the Ukrainian army dispatched 9 drones and 7 unmanned ships to attack ships of the Black Sea Fleet and civilians parked at the Sevastopol base. The ships attacked. The minesweeper “Ivan Gorubets” of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and an oil boom in the southern port were slightly damaged. The Black Sea Fleet destroyed all incoming air targets. The Russian Ministry of Defense also said that the preparations for the attack and the training of the personnel of the Ukrainian Special Maritime Operations Center were carried out under the leadership of experts sent by a British naval unit.

On October 29, local time, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Konashenkov said at a press conference, “According to available information, this Ukrainian force carried out the destruction of the ‘North Stream’ natural gas pipeline on September 26. operations, while the personnel of the Royal Navy guided the daily training of Ukrainian forces and the planning of the attack on the gas pipeline,” Konashenkov added.

It can be seen that Russia has determined that the British military is actively participating in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

North Stream accident scene

Russian media reported on September 30 that when Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered a speech at the Kremlin that day, he accused the Anglo-Saxons of destroying the”North Stream” natural gas pipeline. Naryshkin, director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, said on the same day that the materials in Moscow’s possession showed that the West was involved in the sabotage of the Nord Stream-1 and Nord Stream-2 submarine gas pipelines, “the organization and implementation of these terrorist acts. related to the West.

Russia has also warned all NATO countries, emphasizing that any attack on Russia’s homeland and facilities is “attacking” Russia and will inevitably be met with a Russian military counterattack.

So, will a hardline Russia launch retaliatory military action directly against Britain? This is obviously unlikely, because the UK is a NATO country. Once a conflict with the UK occurs, it is very likely that Russia and NATO will have a head-on military conflict, and then drag the global countries into war. Another option would be to warn NATO countries, which would be meaningless and could lead to an escalation of Western actions against Russia.

But one thing is that the Nord Stream pipeline is not only owned by Russia, but also shared by European countries that need Russian natural gas. Aren’t Sweden, Denmark and Germany investigating the Nord Stream accident, then Russia’s move may be kicking the “ball” back to Europe , how to deal with it in Europe, we will wait and see.

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