Car Reviews|The new Jetta SUV joins hands with users to start the fearless journey of G318

Text | Qin Fanghui

Design | Small Universe

Since entering China 31 years ago, Jetta’s “Road Up” has continued to break through. In the past three years, the Jetta brand has developed steadily and balancedly, and has achieved remarkable results in many fields.

By 2022, after a series of hard work, progress and growth, the Jetta brand has moved from the beginning to a new stage of full development, and its sporty and youthful image has become increasingly popular. At this time, Jetta joined hands with the media and users to start the G318 self-driving, paying tribute to the national highway with a national car.

On October 25th, the “Test Drive of the New Jetta SUV G318” was officially launched in Chengdu. The new Jetta SUV of the national car, the media and users embarked on the extraordinary journey of “Chengdu-Kangding” on the national highway, and jointly felt the upward force of G318 and Jetta brand interpretation.

G318 is the “national highway” of the Chinese. It not only has rich and diverse landscape types and natural resources, but also contains extraordinary construction history and heroic deeds. All the way up, the symbol of the indomitable national spirit, coincides with the development history and brand spirit of the Jetta brand of “continuous progress and forge ahead”.


During the journey, whether it is to check in the Tianquan service area of ​​Yakang Expressway full of “panda” elements, or to reach the fascinating “photography paradise” of Xinduqiao, the new Jetta SUV can be integrated with the beautiful scenery. Its distinctive and dynamic body blackened and sporty design, together with the unique Tibetan architecture, boundless grasslands and rolling hills, together form a magnificent picture.

In the face of the steep and precipitous Erlang Mountain section, the high-gloss version of the new Jetta SUV performed very well. its carryingVolkswagen EA211 inline four-cylinder turbocharged high-power engine + Aisin six-speed manual transmission, always maintains strong power output, and the control is very smooth.


You can enjoy the fireworks in the world slowly, and you can also find poetry and the distance. Thanks to Volkswagen’s consistent excellent chassis tuning, the high-gloss version of the new Jetta SUV takes into account both sportiness and comfort. Whether it is in tunnels, cornering roads or long climbs, it can easily turn rough roads into smooth ones and bring satisfactory driving. Control the fun.


On the 318 National Road Landscape Avenue, there are beautiful scenery as far as the eye can see. At this time, sitting in the spacious car is particularly transparent and comfortable. The large-size panoramic sunroof of the new Jetta SUV high-gloss version allows the occupants in the car to enjoy the autumn scenery to the fullest.

In addition, the model is also equipped with ACC adaptive cruise, fatigue driving reminder and other safety features, which greatly improves the safety and convenience of long-distance driving .

▉ Conclusion

The two-way rush between the Jetta brand, the media and users is an extraordinary demonstration of the strength of the new Jetta SUV high-gloss version, a transmission of the extraordinary history and culture of the G318 National Highway, and an advanced development of the Jetta brand.

The next stop will usher in the G318 Kangding-Daocheng trip, and Jetta will continue to make progress all the way to create and enjoy the extraordinary.