Caption│”Pink Bus” Appears on the Street, 2022 Pink Ribbon Breast Health Care Public Welfare Project Launched

On October 27, the China Women’s Development Foundation and the Estee Lauder Group jointly launched the 2022 Pink Ribbon Breast Health Care Public Welfare Project online cloud launch.

According to the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), breast cancer has become the most common cancer in the world in 2020. About 420,000 new breast cancer patients are diagnosed in China every year. In recent years, the annual incidence rate has increased by 3% to 4%, and the trend of rejuvenation and urbanization is significant. In the 30 years since its launch in 1992, the Estee Lauder Group’s Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Prevention and Control Campaign has always adhered to the concept of “early prevention, early detection, and early treatment”, and has actively practiced the corporate society in caring for women’s health and paying attention to women’s breast cancer prevention and treatment. responsibility.

The “Breast Health Care” public welfare project helps more women pay more attention to their own health through a series of activities such as publicity and education, distribution of relief funds for patients in distress, and breast examinations. In addition, in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu and other cities, a batch of “pink buses” have been launched one after another, becoming mobile health promotion vehicles, arousing the society and the public’s attention to breast health.

This year, The Estée Lauder Group also launched the “2022 China Breast Cancer Cognition and Behavior Survey Report” in cooperation with The Paper. Through a national sampling survey of breast cancer patients, it was found that compared with 30 years ago, the public’s awareness of breast cancer is higher than that of 30 years ago. It has grown substantially, and social media has played an important role in this. In the survey of more than 5,200 samples, 53.9% of respondents were “very aware” or “somewhat aware” of breast cancer. Compared with “post-70s” and “post-80s”, today’s “post-90s” and “post-00s” pay attention to breast cancer at an earlier age. Nearly 70% of the interviewed “post-00” women said that the main channel for their breast cancer prevention knowledge came from relevant information published on social media. However, the increased attention on breast cancer prevention and treatment has not been transformed into a wider and more open discussion, and there are still a lot of blind spots and misunderstandings. The report shows that only 16% of the respondents said that they can communicate with anyone, and nearly 40% of the respondents chose to mention only the closest people.

Is there a better path and a more popular way to popularize breast cancer prevention and treatment? In response to this topic, medical expert Professor Shen Zhenzhou and media person Liu Yuanyuan respectively cut into the medical profession and society from different perspectives, expressed their opinions and launched a wonderful dialogue.

The 2022 Pink Ribbon campaign has also aroused enthusiastic responses on social media. After the topic “#pinkribbonaction, let love limitless +1” opened, in just a few days, the number of views on Douyin and Weibo exceeded 60 million. People from all walks of life also helped to make calls to express their support for the Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Prevention and Control Campaign. More than 800 million people paid attention to “Pink Ribbon”.

  Author: Yuan Jing

  Editor: Wang Boling

Responsible editor: Wang Wei

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