Capricorn love view? Stuffy and wild? Slow heat? Sober? Come see it now!

Here, I repeat again, I am really afraid that everyone is not clear, the earth signs I am talking about are the sun, the moon, the sons of the rising and falling earth signs, or most of the personal planets fall in the earth signs, the stars and the earth signs. The constellations that everyone usually refers to only refer to the sun constellations, which cannot fully reflect a person’s personality traits, so some friends say, hey! Why the constellation is not allowed. In fact, to fully describe a person’s characteristics, not only the sun sign, but also the rising of the sun and the moon, as well as the personal stars of water, gold and fire, can be combined to interpret a person’s characteristics well!

Today I will talk about the last constellation of the earth sign-Capricorn.

The earth sign of Capricorn is slightly different from Taurus and Virgo. To describe it in one word, it is “veteran cadre”, with a suit and leather shoes, and a briefcase. The more rigid aura is right. But if you think that such a Capricorn is easy to bully, you are very wrong. There is a wise saying in our horoscope circle, either you die from a Scorpio, or you die from a Capricorn, which shows how powerful Capricorn is. They look good, but they are actually very good at hiding, and they are the most psychological constellations. The same is true for their relationship, they will not be vigorous, but they will have their own plan to chase you, and they will follow his plan step by step. The test period for a person is generally longer, and they will not start easily. would give up easily.

They are also very rational and realistic about their feelings, which is more like Taurus, and they will comprehensively consider a person’s value. They may occasionally fall in love with the brain, but they will never let themselves lose too much, and they are of the sober type in the world. You must not go too far with Capricorns, because Capricorns don’t like girls who are particularly in love. You can have a small temper and play with your petty temper, but you must not go too far, otherwise Capricorns will fall apart because of their different values ​​​​from yours. keep away.

They may not be good at words, but they are delicate in mind and understand everything psychologically, but their mouths are relatively stupid. It is almost impossible for you to get good comfort from Capricorn (except for Mercury in Gemini, Libra, Cancer, and Pisces). They don’t have too many words and explanations, I hope you can understand it yourself, this is Capricorn, when you become cold, you don’t take hard and soft.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, likes to follow the rules and regulations. Compared with perseverance and tenacity, it is definitely the ceiling in the earth sign. It is extremely tolerant, has an instinctive desire for power and status, is good at every step, and climbs up with amazing perseverance. In love, if they think you are the good wife who can help them in their career, then they can basically recognize you.

Passivity, this is a common problem of earth signs, but Capricorn’s passivity is due to the fact that they have a relatively long test period for a person. If they think you are worthy, they will pursue them in a planned way.

Therefore, Capricorn is really a very powerful and sober constellation in the world. Special mention for Mars-Capricorn babies. Mars represents the power of action. When Mars enters the temple of Aries, the explosive power is strong and full of momentum, but the endurance is not enough. Mars in Capricorn is not only explosive and aggressive, but also durable in action and amazing in perseverance. I once dealt with a Mars Capricorn person, he was really down-to-earth, tolerant, acted according to the rules, and never lost the chain.

So, which planet are you in Capricorn, and what type of Capricorn are you? #constellation#