Can traditional Chinese medicine treat motor neuron disease remotely? How can I make an appointment with a doctor?

Can traditional Chinese medicine treat motor neuron disease remotely? How can I make an appointment with a doctor?


What is motor neuron disease

Motor neuron disease is the damage and apoptosis of simple motor neuron cells in the brain, brain stem, and spinal cord, resulting in a series of clinical manifestations, which is called motor neuron disease. Including brain center, brain stem nerve nucleus, medulla oblongata, spinal cord nerve anterior horn cell damage and so on. Damage to these cells results in single motor neuron damage, constituting a motor neuron disorder. The occurrence of motor neuron disease does not damage thinking, and such patients have normal thinking. According to the different parts of the damaged center, brain stem, and spinal cord, it is divided into subtypes clinically. In a word, motor neuron disease is pure motor neuron damage and does not affect the thinking function of the cerebral cortex.


Chinese medicine refers to motor neurons as “wilt disease”. Dr. Zhang Zhizhong believes that the onset of this disease is insidious, often without exogenous heat and heat, and the process of burning the lungs and rhythm. elephant. Therefore, this disease is mainly caused by insufficient congenital endowment and acquired dystrophy. Factors such as overwork, improper diet, and prolonged illness damage the spleen, stomach, liver and kidney, resulting in lack of biochemical sources of qi and blood or loss of essence and blood, and loss of muscles, muscles and muscles. The Confucian nourishment, muscle wilting and meat cutting, develop the disease.

Cases of Jiannao Zhiwei Decoction in the treatment of motor neuron disease:

A patient with motor neuron disease (bj08008), 63 years old, had swelling of both lower extremities, difficulty in walking, and difficulty in eating and swallowing. Drinking water and choking, speaking in a hoarse voice. Blurred vision and tears easily. Dry mouth, bitter taste, discomfort all over the body, difficulty in standing, and pain in the waist and abdomen. Knowing that Jiannao Zhiwei Decoction is effective in treating motor neuron disease, I contacted the customer service (bj08008) to make an appointment for consultation.

Treated by Jiannao Zhiwei Decoction:

After the first course of treatment: the patient felt strength on the legs when walking, the edema disappeared, and the dry mouth and bitterness in the mouth improved.

After the second course of treatment: the choking cough improved after drinking water, the difficulty in swallowing was relieved, the voice was not so hoarse, and the speech was also strong.

After the third course of treatment: the eyes have become clearer, and the pain in the waist and abdomen has been significantly improved.


Advantages of Jiannao Zhiwei Decoction:

1. Oral treatment with pure Chinese herbal medicine, no side effects and dependence, internal regulation and external treatment, comprehensive treatment.

2. Well-selected materials: Jiannao Zhiwei Decoction is carefully selected for the drug, and the selection and selection of the drug will affect the regulating effect and effect of the drug.

3. Good absorption: the drug decoction is easily absorbed by the blood and constitution, and thus dispersed to the affected area.

4. The ingredients contained in the micro-molecular-weight drugs are stronger than the traditional methods, and can adjust the disease condition by taking both specimens into consideration.

5. Strong drug adsorption: Since the ingredients of Jiannao Zhiwei Decoction are decoctions with small molecular weight, they can be absorbed and aggregated at the lesions and take effect.

6. Permeability: Jiannao Zhiwei Decoction is micro-processed, and the molecular weight of the medicine in the decoction is small, so that it can penetrate the lipid membrane, cell membrane and oxide membrane, and penetrate into the lesion.

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