Can the Lakers get the No. 1 lottery without being rotten? Wouldn’t that be cheap pelicans?

  On October 27th, Beijing time, the Lakers suffered a four-game losing streak. Experts were anxious. Could the Lakers be able to win the No. 1 pick even if they didn’t play bad? And that pick already belongs to the Pelicans.

  Of course, the Lakers have no reason to be bad, because their first-round pick was sent in the trade of “Brother Thick Eyebrows” Davis, which belongs to the fee pass. Even if the Lakers get the No. 1 pick, it’s the Pelicans.

  But if the Lakers maintain this momentum, even if they don’t rot, they may be one of the four teams with the worst record in the league and have a good chance of winning the No. 1 overall pick.

  As we all know, next year’s No. 1 pick Wenbanyama is extremely talented, and all teams want him. However, the Lakers have no draft rights and have no chance at all, so it is not their turn to be bad.

  The Lakers are likely to make a trade in the near future. Westbrook has become a heartbreaker for them, trying to send him out all summer without success. They recently resumed negotiations with the Jazz. However, the Jazz raised the price from the ground, and the transaction was more difficult to complete.

  Even if Westbrook is sent away, the Lakers still have a lot of problems to solve, at least to find a stable pitcher.

  The only good news is that the season has just begun, and the Lakers still have time to adjust. (Angkor)

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