Can the acquired Twitter become a better product?

Recently, with Musk officially becoming the actual controller of Twitter, the most-watched 40 billion Twitter acquisition in 2022 has come to an end. However, Musk’s first major event on Twitter was the firing of several company executives. In addition to the CEO, the chief financial officer, the head of legal policy, trust and safety, and the general counsel were all fired. List.

Meanwhile, after “cleaning the door,” Musk set out to release a statement saying he bought Twitter to build a common digital town square where people can discuss beliefs in a healthy way, without resorting to violence. Because there is a great danger that Twitter is currently divided into echo chambers of the far right and the far left, which will generate more hatred and divide American society.

So, will the acquired Twitter become a better product under the leadership of “Silicon Valley Iron Man”?

First, Twitter may be more commercial. Here we will mention that one of the most concerned issues of the melon eaters is whether the account of “Knowing the King” Trump will be restored? According to previous media reports, advertisers allegedly believed that Trump’s account would represent a red line, and if Twitter reinstated Trump’s account, more than a dozen customers would order a suspension of all advertising on Twitter. But combined with what Musk said in a recent statement, the next safe place will be reserved for advertisers. And there was no mention of Trump’s account’s original promise.

It is worth mentioning that before the acquisition was completed, Musk had a high-profile “mouth hi”, saying that his plan for Twitter was to create an “ad-free” social platform. However, the tweet has since been deleted.

Therefore, it is foreseeable that the first step in transforming Twitter should be to introduce more advertisers. After all, even as the richest man in the world, the core element is “making money”. And Twitter will no longer be “pure” in terms of product features, but more commercial.

Second, Twitter’s corporate culture will be more “volume”. As early as the outside world was still hotly discussing the outcome of the large-scale war between Musk and Twitter, as an internal Twitter employee, he had already begun to “shiver”. Some media reports said that an open letter was being circulated within Twitter, the content of the letter was a protest against the rumored “75% layoff” of Musk, and it was called “an obvious intimidation of employees.”

But when Musk took the sink to Twitter’s San Francisco office, he also told employees that he would not lay off 75% of the workforce. But for the “workers” of Twitter, even if this statement has a certain appeasement effect, but the new boss takes over, to a certain extent, it means that Twitter may bring new changes in all aspects, and layoffs are almost a certainty thing. In addition, Musk also played word games, saying that although he will not lay off employees, he needs you to be good enough.

Based on this concern, recent statistics from the American website Punks & Pinstripes show that in the past 90 days, more than 500 employees have left Twitter, and these people have also become the targets of various industry giants.

Therefore, the workplace culture of Twitter, which has been re-helmed by Musk, is likely to undergo a complete change in the workplace culture. Especially in terms of working hours and the previous more relaxed working environment, long-term overtime may become the norm.

Finally, Twitter’s user base is likely to rise. As an “Internet celebrity”, Musk may be the one who understands public opinion marketing the most, such as the previous Dogecoin. Since the beginning of the new crown epidemic, Twitter has ushered in the loss of a number of heavy users. These heavy Twitter users typically log in six to seven days a week and tweet about three to four times a day. These customers account for less than 10% of total monthly users, yet generate 90% of tweets and half of global revenue.