Can’t laugh, is it the fate of “Talk Show” and “Wonderful Flower”?

The fifth season of this year’s “Talk Show” has only a poor 5.0 points. There is a lot of scolding online.

This situation reminds me of the similarly weak language program “Qi Hua Shuo”. It fell from 9 in the first season to 6.8 in the seventh. There is no news that the eighth season will start airing.

△ If Professor Liu Qing hadn’t turned the tide in the seventh season of “Wonderful Flowers”, this score would only be lower.

I naturally regret the changes in “Talk Show” and “Wonderful Flowers”.

After all, these two shows are among the few variety shows in the existing variety show market that still have certain expressions and thoughts. They also brought me a lot of joy.

During this time, I may be trying to regain the lost happiness. I have been watching the content of the previous seasons of “Talk Show” and “Wonderful Flower” repeatedly.

When watching it, while feeling the richness of the past, I was helpless: Can we still have such a sharp and interesting program?

Their fall has its own reasons, as well as “force majeure” that we can’t escape.

They were born from the carnival of the online world

Before the fall, these two variety shows were groundbreaking.

The reason why they are popular has a lot to do with network culture.

The “Wonderful Flower”, which was launched in 2014, is known in the industry as “the originator of the internal entertainment network” .

Before that, we have hardly seen such a variety show with such a “net sense”: the instructor appeared in a kilt;

The players have a unique shape, and each one is a “different firework”;

The debate topic is like a hot search headline excerpted from social media – “Should the leader be stupid X tell him?” “Which one is more unacceptable to you, mentally cheating or physical cheating”, it looks very eye-catching;

There is also a warm reminder that is full of fun and fun – “People over 40 years old, please accompany the post-90s generation to watch”, which is obviously very suitable for young people who like to surf.

In the year that “Wonderful Flower” was launched, the top variety shows on the hot list were: “Go Fast”, “Running Brother”, “Where Are You Going Dad”…

At that time, it was the craze of star outdoor variety shows, and various TV stations were running various star reality shows, focusing on the star halo.

Only “Wonderful Flower” has made a bloody way through “Wonderful Flowers” and “Golden Sentences”.

The reason why “Qi Hua Shuo” can break through is also very simple.

Fresh and lively.

These are precisely what those star reality shows full of scripts and routines do not have.

Amateur players can talk about sex, money and sex without any taboos in front of the camera, and they will “explode” when they are excited (the program team will basically not delete the words of the players at first, but only “beep” the keywords). The wild feeling of grooming is very resonant with young audiences.

How dare! I was attracted by this “spirit” and fell into the pit vertically.

△The first and second seasons are the most daring to say. Later, everyone has more skills and more professional debates, but there is no fierceness in the first and second seasons.

“Talk Show Conference” is also a variety show born in a similar network environment.

Although the stand-up comedy form has existed for a long time. In the past, TV stations also did programs such as “Talk Show of the Post-80s Tonight”.

However, the talk show can break the circle through a variety show mainly because it fits the preferences of online audiences.

Before “Talk Show Conference”, Xiaoguo first launched “Tucao Conference”. “Tucao Conference” is not an original variety show. “Comedy Central Tucao Conference” came out in 2003.

The form is not new, but its launch is aimed at the prevailing trend of Internet “Tucao culture”. Even if the lines of the spit are approved by the guests in advance, the matter of spit on the star still gives a lot of people pleasure.

After the success of “Tucao Conference”, “Talk Show Conference” extended the pleasure brought by this “offensive” more widely.

The contestants of “Talk Show” not only complain about celebrities, but also about themselves and their lives.

The songs that Wang Mian released in the third season are actually everyone’s Internet mouths .

He spoke out all the complaints in our hearts about certain people and certain things.

This kind of “offensive” cannot be seen on TV variety shows. Because of TV programs, the pursuit is family fun. Otherwise, Wang Mian would not have changed from a talk show king to an atmosphere king when he attended a gala.

Therefore, both “Wonderful Flowers” and “Talk Show” are all variety shows rooted in the Internet.

Network Comprehensive, in 2014 and in 2016 when the “Tucao Conference” was piloted (the official broadcast was in 2017), it was not too much.

They represent the impact of a certain niche culture on the mainstream (TV variety shows). As a minority, they are fierce and sharp.

Not grandstanding but another way of thinking

Fresh and lively, but not the same as “hunting for curiosity”.

The first few seasons of “Wonderful Flower” and “Talk Show” have accumulated word-of-mouth because they have brought new ways of expressing and thinking. “Qi Hua Shuo” allows the audience to think about the same issue from different positions through debate.

There is no correct answer to the debate. There are some things that we take for granted. After the contestants quarreled with each other, we suddenly felt that the party that we did not agree with became understandable. That’s why I like “Qi Hua Shuo”, it shows diversity beyond “black and white”.

Many debate topics in “Qi Hua Shuo” opened another world for me: they openly talk about “sex”; they are not afraid to talk about “life and death”;

They also extend human nature to all kinds of science fiction topics with wide-open brains.

To this day, I still remember how the debate “Should I encourage terminally ill patients” was a blow to me. “Words of encouragement close the words of true communication.” In the face of death, we must learn to face rather than escape.

These debates have broad boundaries. Sometimes players step over the line in order to win.

Ma Dong will always stop in time to guide the debate back to a direction acceptable to the public.

For example, in the second season of “Can good friends make an appointment”, everyone’s debate is a little too focused on the act of “dating” itself. Seeing that the momentum was not right, Ma Dong ended the debate.

It can be seen that “Qi Hua Shuo” is not trying to attract traffic through the debate of catching horses. What they want to do is to open a hole in the current public opinion environment to discuss some more open and cutting-edge issues. The question does not necessarily have an answer, but “being able to be discussed” is a very important thing.

Going down three paths is not the original intention of “Wonderful Flowers”.

Therefore, even under the banner of “wonderful”, most of the players are elites from all walks of life who have the ability to think independently.

Personally, I used to love Huang Zhizhong, the dark-bellied devil, and now I love “Roaring Police” Ouyang Chao.

Because of the latter, what impresses people is not how high his debating skills and how sharp his views are, but how he always expresses himself with force and sincerity.

He is very serious about spreading the positive energy in his heart, and makes people laugh with all kinds of unexpected exaggerated metaphors.

“You patriarchal alpha gorilla with an explosive testosterone!”

“For example, there is a song, I want to take you to romantic Turkey, Tokyo and Paris, all of which are not on the way!” The existence of Ouyang Chao, who is “rooted and Miaohong” but “extremely absurd”, shows that it is not a special case. Going alone is called “unique”. As long as you dare to be yourself and express yourself boldly, you are also an interesting soul. This is the diversity of the world.

Ouyang Chao appeared in “Wonderful Flowers” because he likes talk shows.

Before “Talk Show Conference” was out of the circle, there were also many talk show lovers like Ouyang Chao on the stage of “Wonderful Flower”. The runner-up in the seventh season, Xiaolu, is a senior talk show actor who also appeared in the fifth season of “Talk Show Conference” this year. These two variety shows have something in common.

They both encourage independent thinking and require unique expressions. But unlike “Wonderful Flowers”, “Talk Show” emphasizes “funny” and “humorous” more.

“Comedy is not cruel, life is cruel, comedy is just to help you show this cruelty, and it can even defuse part of it.” Li Dan’s understanding of comedy is actually as powerful as Da Zhangwei said, “Talk shows are as powerful as rock and roll.” is the same meaning.

Life sucks, but we have to learn to face it with a smile.

When those heavy and cruel things were written by us as jokes, the depression and pain seemed to be reduced. Yang Li and Si Wen both talked about the death of their relatives on stage, and the great grandfather talked about his mother’s Alzheimer’s disease.

The phrase Hulan said, “I said so much, but I didn’t actually say anything. It’s like a lot of things happened in the past year, but nothing happened.”

The actresses on the talk show stage are also trying to express a very rare female perspective.

I’ve written about this before, and the fact that women are able to tease, offend, and show their sense of humor on stage is something to be encouraged in itself. There is expression before there is change.

“Wonderful Flower” and “Talk Show” both try to go further in the field of “expression”.

△ I will always support talk show actresses

Why isn’t it funny anymore?

Although they have tried, “Wonderful Flowers” and “Talk Show” are ultimately an entertainment program and a variety show, and they still need to cater to the public.

A season is not as good as a season, this is the bottleneck that most variety shows will encounter.

After all, the audience is tired of aesthetics. If it is just repeated and not innovative, it is difficult to continue to be attractive. “Wonderful Flowers” and “Talk Show” are a little more complicated. They are more like a workplace, because the production of Fang Miwei and Xiaoguo itself is a company, and most of the players are their employees.

Therefore, there will be a “group” problem. “Qi Hua Shuo” has not only made trouble once because of this problem. The “Talk Show Conference” was frequently complained this year because the concentration of “internal stalks” exceeded the standard.

In order to reach the public, the show itself will also make some compromises.

For example, the show will invite some stars to be “guests”, and it is of course the icing on the cake to invite people who have variety show effects and can speak well. If you do it badly, it will have the opposite effect. For example: Song Dandan to “Wonderful Flower”, Zhou Xun Naying to “Talk Show Conference”.

And the promotion of La Hongsang in “Talk Show Conference” confuses all the viewers who have watched the previous seasons. Are you talking about a talk show? However, the popularity of topics such as the elimination of senior talk show actors by the up master of station B is properly able to rush to the hot search.

Then, because the contestants of these two programs are all amateurs. And they are a group of amateurs who are particularly self-aware and difficult to manage.

Therefore, there are a lot of mines buried here.

I will not count the players who have had accidents in these two programs. (The screenshots of this article are also trying to avoid controversial people.) Now on the video website, the first and third seasons of “Wonderful Flower” have been removed from the shelves, and the first and second seasons of “Talk Show Conference” are big Area reduction.

△ Yang Mengen’s spit in the third season is very accurate.

There is a problem with the inner workings of the show. The public opinion environment outside the program is also changing. Some things that could be said in the past, seem to be impossible to say now.

The debate of “Wonderful Flowers” has become more and more trivial, and Xiong Hao complained that it was “as rotten as Niu Baba”.

The large-scale online violence caused by Yang Li’s “Public Man” seems to have made the entire program group get ptsd, resulting in the deletion of many jokes this season.

This problem can’t be blamed only on the show team. Yang Li said last year that after the “Pu Xin Nan” incident, she did not dare to speak about Kai Mai for a long time for her own personal safety.

If the environment is forgiving, they don’t have to be so frightened.

I still remember Zhou Qimo, the talk show king of the last season, who added a sentence at the end of the joke in the finals: “If any of our actors’ jokes offends you this season, please listen to my explanation, we are just having fun.”

There are too many unspeakable and unspeakable things, which have worn away the original “spirit” of “Wonderful Flowers” and “Talk Show”.

Can the deleted language still have power?

I quite miss the “Wonderful Flower” that had no taboos back then. Although the program production at that time was so rough, and although everyone was a little bit open-mouthed, it was an Internet era with publicity and enthusiasm.

None of us have suppressed our nature.

I really miss Fan Tiantian’s words.

It has been a long time since I heard such a wild call.

Whether he/she is right or not, expression is more important.

The premise that everyone can be happy for 5 minutes is that everyone can express freely for 5 minutes.

If the premise does not exist, the result of happiness naturally cannot be established.

Alas, too much helplessness, too much powerlessness.

Favorite variety shows are getting boring day by day, and favorite actors are hesitant to say anything.

There is no way we can change the environment. All that can be done is to maintain respect for expression as an individual.

A while ago, my friends and I went to an offline talk show and found the long-lost happiness.

In that game, there were Meng Chuan, Grandpa, Piqiu, and Chen Xiaojing. The best ones are the great master and Chen Xiaojing. The great master said that these are all things that cannot be said online.

Although there are few people offline, everyone is listening carefully. I am a little touched at the moment, sincere expression always touches people.

As if I wrote this article, maybe not many people read it. But I still want to express. What a rich world of languages ​​we once had. I don’t want to: lose it.