Can’t fall asleep listening to what music can help you fall asleep, sleep aid music recommendations for difficulty falling asleep

When you can’t fall asleep, listening to some soothing and relaxing music can help you sleep. I believe everyone knows that, but when you listen to familiar songs, you often hum along, which makes it more difficult to fall asleep. Here are some smaller ones. Numerous sleep aid songs, as well as treasures that can be used before going to bed~ Use it together before going to bed to improve insomnia~

Chinese song music recommendation

1. “Mercury”

2. “Unstained”

3. “Cloak”

4. “Ask Begonia in the Light Rain at Night”

5. “Mountains and Seas”

6. “You are the tenderness in the eyes”

7. “Mountain Love”

8. “I miss your voice”

9. “Under the Sea”

10. “Rainy Day”

The above are some treasure songs that help you fall asleep. If you are familiar with these music, you might as well take a look at the following English music recommendations~ There are also these good sleep aids, which can be used before going to bed to make us more sleepy. Feel the good sleep aids, share with everyone~

1. South Carolina Zzzz Pillow Treasure Sleep Aid Speaker

Nearly 40% of people in China suffer from insomnia, but they should not blindly choose sleep aid products, because many sleep aid products have some side effects. .

My favorite sleep aid method is to use the Nanka Zzzz Pillow Aid Speaker to play music before going to bed. This is a sleep aid method that has no side effects on the body. The bone conduction method of transmitting sound can realize the realization of no headphones. You can hear the sound without affecting the people around you. Music to help you sleep is also recommended by many professionals.

The compact body design makes it feel like there is no foreign body under the pillow. The bone conduction method of transmitting sound also achieves multi-angle transmission without dead ends. No matter 360° sleeping, it will not have any effect, and you can hear the sound clearly. , the use of the feeling is super, through the bone conduction micro-vibration technology, the comfortable music is introduced into your ears, along with the soft sound to help you fall asleep quickly, it is very suitable for people who are troubled by insomnia.

If you have no solution to improve insomnia now, you can really try this Nanka Zzzz Pillow Aid Speaker, don’t worry if it doesn’t work for you, the Nanka Zzzz Pillow Aid Speaker has a seven-day free trial period .

2. Panpuri Indoor Aromatherapy

Panpuri is an aromatherapy brand belonging to Thailand. You can smell the fragrance every day when you put it directly in the bedroom. Friends who don’t like to order aromatherapy every day can use this kind of fire-free aromatherapy. This fragrance is the dawn of Bagan. The tone is lemon and sweet orange, and the middle tone is green tea. It belongs to a kind of fragrance. The pure feeling is like being in an open prairie. It can make you feel better and help you fall asleep faster.

3. Kneipp Sleep Aid Bath Salts

Bath salts are also a very good sleep aid for decompression. When you are very tired at night, after taking a bath with bath salts, you will feel that every inch of your body is breathing fresh air, and you will feel that you are alive again. Salt is very suitable for friends who are stressed during the day. After taking a bath every night, you can smell the fragrance of the aroma and listen to the soft sleep-aiding music when you lie on the bed. It is really good to fall asleep. Keep insomnia away from you~

English version song recommendation

1. “Last night melancholy”

2. “Cornfield”

3. “My Soul”

4. “Blood pact”

5. “Famous”

6. “Let me down slowly”

7. “Runaway”

8. “The deeper level”

9. “Like i would”

10. “In noctem”