Can’t crit if the crit rate is 0? Who do you look down on?

In League of Legends, the digital display of critical strike damage is different from that of normal damage. The digital display is larger, and there is a crit mark in front of it.

There are many heroes, although the crit rate is 0, they can also deal crit damage, but they are actually visual crit.

conditional injury

The skills of many heroes will increase the damage under certain conditions. In this case, the skill damage will be displayed as a critical strike. For example, Ryze’s R skill is passive, which makes the Q skill increase the damage to the target with the surge effect. For example, the simplest The EQ combo, the Q damage will be displayed as a spell crit.

Sword Demon’s Q skill, the damage received by the sword body and the sword edge are different. Being hit by the sword edge will not only have a knock-up effect, but also cause higher damage. This damage will also be displayed as a critical hit.

Others include the R used by Big Mouth on enemies with less than 40% health, the Q of Verus’ full charge, Zeli’s W through the wall (slightly different from others, and can be boosted), and the red of the vampire. Angry Q.

single target damage

The skills of some heroes will increase the damage when hitting a single enemy, and this part of the skill after the increased damage will also be displayed as a critical strike. The more common ones are Tetsuo’s Q skill and Death Song’s Q skill (double damage). .


There is also a BUG, ​​which is the E skill of the Centaur. The E skill of the Centaur does have a characteristic that the farther the distance is, the higher the damage is, but it stands to reason that even if the E layer is full, it should not be a critical strike. You can go to the training ground to try it out.

In reality, Sagittarius’ E has a chance of critical strikes if it runs far away. This is a very old bug, and it has existed for more than 8 years. Perhaps the designer thinks that this is also a conditional damage increase, or Is too lazy to fix.

Moreover, this is a BUG among BUGs. When kicking, the damage of E and Q may be counted together, but only the damage of E will be displayed when playing back, which is very outrageous.

There is no crit rate, and you can get a crit. When you see this kind of damage, stop talking about other people opening things.