Can people with tattoos and scars take the civil service exam? Can you pass the medical examination?

Red Net Moment News October 28 (Correspondent Xie Ping) Mr. Peng, 23, decided to take the public exam for personal reasons. However, the two tattoos on his arms became his first “threshold” on the road. According to the “Physical Examination Standards for Candidates for Citizens”, tattoos on the face and neck, tattoos with a length of more than 3 cm in other exposed parts of the military-style physical training suit, and tattoos with a length of more than 10 cm in other parts are considered unqualified.

After learning that tattoos can be removed by ultra-picoseconds, he went to Dr. Changsha Face Medical Beauty Hospital. After communication, dermatologist Yi Shoujuan, combined with Mr. Peng’s tattoo area, gave the removal plan of ultra-picoseconds. Experts said that tattoo removal is a process of treating and repairing metabolic pigments. It is best to reserve enough time. Except for a few tattoos, which can be cleaned at one time, most tattoos require multiple treatments. The wavelengths possessed by picoseconds are ideal for washing black or dark tattoos in a way that allows metabolites to be more easily excreted by the body.

After four treatments, the tattoos on Mr. Peng’s hands are negligible. When we asked Mr. Peng if he regretted it, Mr. Peng said, “I definitely regret it now, because people change, and now I believe in it. Everything you know and everything you understand is based on current perception and has limitations.”

Therefore, there is no clear provision in the “General Standards for Physical Examination for Civil Servants Recruitment” that those with tattoos will not be hired, but the “Special Standards for Physical Examinations for Civil Servants Recruitment” clearly stipulates that those with tattoos in special positions such as the police will not be hired. In principle, people with tattoos can also apply for the examination of civil servants, but in the process of hiring medical examinations, if the position they apply for requires a physical examination in accordance with the “Special Standards for Examinations for Recruitment of Civil Servants”, they will not be admitted. It is recommended that candidates try not to wear tattoos to apply for civil servants. If they have tattoos, they should consult the recruiting unit before applying for the exam, and deal with them in time.