Can orthopedic shoes correct leg shape? Take you to understand the secrets of custom shoes and read custom shoes!

The continuous improvement of foot health awareness has made people pay more and more attention to foot problems. Products such as orthopedic insoles and orthopedic shoes that can intervene and improve foot problems have filled the market. However, the intervention and correction effect of ordinary orthopedic shoes on foot problems are not ideal or even useless.

Podiatrists and doctors will recommend wearing custom orthopedic shoes, why?

We will tell you about orthopedic shoes from the principle and customization of orthopedic shoes, and help you understand orthopedic shoes correctly , how to choose and how to customize them.

First of all, we must first understand what corrective shoes are!

The principle of orthopedic shoes is to adjust the biological force line of the foot to make it close to the normal level , improve the state of the arch of the foot , reduce the probability of joint strain, relieve muscle fatigue and foot pain .

The most common foot problem Flat feet: It is caused by collapsed or missing arches. Severe flat feet can also cause plantar fasciitis, scoliosis and other associated problems .

Everyone’s foot problems are different, and their correction needs are naturally different. Just as glasses preparation needs to consider the degree and astigmatism, the corrective shoes must fully fit the foot conditions in order to play the best role . So this is why orthopedic shoes need to be customized!

How to choose and customize orthopedic shoes?

The exclusive customization center will provide individuals with a series of services such as professional foot measurement system inspection and testing, correction plan design, customized product production, correction tracking and follow-up , and provide personalized services and exclusive experience.

For children under 14 with foot problems, we offer orthopedic shoes + orthopedic insoles formulations:

The orthopedic shoes have specially designed heel cup heightening and stiffening, three-dimensional arch support and dual-density soles . The orthopedic insoles are prepared according to the data of the arch state and the analysis of the force of the sole of the foot. There are flat feet, high arch feet, internal and external eight, etc. Pair with orthopedic shoes to help intervene and correct your child’s foot problems.

If the child has foot problems, it is recommended to go to a professional institution as soon as possible to have a customized foot test, so as to achieve early intervention and early health !

Of course, people with foot problems should perform corresponding foot exercises to improve them: toe-scratching, toe exercise, etc.! Foot health cannot be ignored, act now!