Can Behcet’s disease be cured completely?

Behcet’s disease is a type of systemic vasculitis. Both large and small blood vessels, arteries and veins can be involved. It is manifested as repeated oral ulcers, vulvar ulcers and repeated iritis. Visceral involvement such as lung involvement. Since the specific pathogenesis and pathogenesis of Behçet’s disease are not fully understood, there is currently no effective drug that can completely cure or prevent it.

But don’t be pessimistic and disappointed. Most patients with Behcet’s disease have a good prognosis with early diagnosis and systemic treatment. Most of the disease can be well controlled. Confidence, actively cooperate with treatment. At the same time, keep an optimistic mood, relax your mind, avoid excessive tension, anxiety, and eliminate mental stimulation.

Dr. Li Ruiyi reminded: Behcet’s disease is currently, although it cannot be completely cured. But in general, the prognosis of this kind of disease is relatively good, and most of them can control the disease and improve the symptoms. However, some patients are also seriously ill. For example, if the eye is affected, there may be visual impairment or even blindness. If the vital organs are affected, it may also be life-threatening. Therefore, Behcet’s disease must be diagnosed early, and reasonable and effective treatment should be carried out early.

A 40-year-old patient with Behcet’s disease, who has been suffering for more than 10 years, suffered from repeated oral ulcers for a long time, accompanied by some ulcers in the intestinal tract, and was diagnosed with Behcet’s disease at a local hospital the year before last. I took hormones for more than a year before, and last year, I was introduced by a friend to use traditional Chinese medicine. After taking traditional Chinese medicine for about a month, the pain of oral ulcers has been significantly relieved, and the number feels a few less than before; after more than three months, the oral ulcers have improved significantly, and the intestinal ulcers are not so uncomfortable; I continue to insist on conditioning After more than four months, the symptoms basically disappeared, and after that, it was consolidated for a month, with a total of eight months of medication, and the recovery stopped.

It has been more than a year since I stopped taking the medicine, and I have returned to visit three times. Except for the second time, I said that I was tired for more than a week. I stayed up late for several days, and I drank alcohol several times. Two or three ulcers, and then returned to normal work and rest, the ulcers disappeared after a few days, and there was no abnormality at other times.

Therefore, after scientific and reasonable treatment of Behcet’s disease, except for a few patients with important organ involvement, most patients have a good prognosis and can achieve clinical cure. However, Behcet’s disease is also prone to recurrence, so even if it is cured, you should pay more attention to maintaining a regular life and rest.

Conclusion: The earlier Behçet’s disease is detected, the easier it is to treat, and the better the treatment effect. Chinese medicine is a treasure of the Chinese nation. The treatment of Behçet’s disease with Chinese medicine is likely to help you get rid of the pain, restore your self-confidence, and bring unexpected benefits. For the treatment of Behçet’s disease, the Zhengqi Decoction of Sanxie lies in flexible addition and subtraction. For the symptoms of the patient’s condition, it is appropriate to be treated according to the disease. Sanxie’s Zhengqi Decoction is mild in efficacy and has few side effects. Compared with Western medicine for the treatment of Behçet’s disease, Sanxie’s Zhengqi Decoction is a pure traditional Chinese medicine decoction, without adding extra substances, to avoid the occurrence of hormone drugs on the human body and nervous system. damage to avoid the symptoms of thick blood lipids caused by hormones, nervous system disorders, and three-high elevation.