Can Adverse Water Cold mobile game really be played as a stand-alone open world? Answers after 7 days of testing

The annual controversial topic game, NetEase’s open-world game “Reverse Water Cold” mobile game, ended its 7-day test on October 6.

The early announcement of this game is very exaggerated, and I especially like to blow the bullshit, including “NetEase’s largest R&D team”, “burned 700 million R&D funds in three years”, “the boss is angry with the grand open world regardless of cost” “, “Making MMO Great Again”… Every slogan is quite exaggerated.

But the slogan that the author cares most about is “no socialization is forced, and the content is sufficient to play as a stand-alone open world” .

It must be admitted that this sentence pokes the X point of the author’s curiosity. The author is also a hardcore stand-alone gamer, from FC to GBA to PS2 generation 3rd generation 4th generation 5th generation, to Steam, Epic, XGP, there are more than 200 single-player games that have been cleared, and almost all of them are ranked first. Open world works have been cleared, including “Give Him Love”, “Zelda”, “Old Man”, “Tsuma Island”, “Big Cousin”, “Divinity Original Sin 2” and so on.

What shocked the author is that the official admitted generously: We also played these games, not only played, but also sewed them in!

The author’s curiosity is full. So the author made an appointment for this test and got the qualification for the test. The whole vacation was crazy for 7 days.

So can Adverse Water Cold mobile game really be played as an open world game with huge content?

The author first said the conclusion: it is indeed possible.

In retrospect, I am shocked by this conclusion! Don’t panic, listen to the author’s analysis.

First of all, this open world is really big enough. How many puzzles are there in the 7 open world areas? There are more than 1600!

Just in Taoxi Village, Novice Village, I spent 10 hours walking around to complete 40% of the puzzles! It’s none of my business to find out my life experience and find the murderer of the massacre! (Just like saving Ciri, saving Zelda is none of my business) I’m going to catch butterflies, pet dogs, chase ducks, play windmills, surf on water… I’m going to find caves, catch fireflies, solve puzzles, find Godly!

Really, there has never been any MMO game that could keep me lingering in Novice Village for more than 10 hours. Moreover, I found that my level and practice did not drop. Exploring puzzles also gave experience and martial arts. Compared with those players who rolled dungeons and PVP, the training level was no different at all.

There are really too many types of puzzles. The author played about 8 hours a day for 7 days, a total of nearly 60 hours, and the total exploration volume of the 7 maps added up to only 54%. It is estimated that after all the exploration, it will take 100 hours to go up!

But there is a downside here, the puzzles feel like a lot of volume. Yes, it is the taste of Ubisoft’s open world. Even if there are some wonderful large-scale puzzles in the cave, the canned and formulaic taste is generally strong (this is also because I have never cleared any Ubisoft open world. reason).

However, to my surprise, there are dozens of “butterfly effect” quests in each open world area. These missions are filled with a large number of options, which can influence the life and death of these NPCs. And it is a network structure, the choice of A task will affect the B task.

It’s a bit similar to “Divinity Original Sin 2”. If you kill an NPC in a certain mission, all the quest lines involving this NPC will undergo earth-shaking changes. I also have this feeling in the mobile game against the water.

This kind of butterfly effect setting makes the formulaic open world instantly agile. I feel that the fate of the whole world is in my own hands.

In addition, there is also a wanted mechanism similar to “Give Him Love”. Not only PVP, but if you attack an NPC and are wanted by the official uniform, you will also be given a star (increasing the wanted value). However, because of the story setting, the protagonist and the Shenhou Mansion have the same friendship (equivalent to the special investigation team directly under the emperor), sometimes only a letter is needed to settle the official’s wanted…

Of course, I heard that if you go too far, you will be put in jail. I don’t play PVP in the wild, so I didn’t encounter it.

By the way, the standard element reactions of the open world are also present in the game, and they are very rich – packaged into the five elements, gold, wood, water, fire and earth that are more in line with traditional Chinese culture. You can use the five elements to catch fish, you can electric fish, burn fish, ice fish, etc…

Sitting on the boat, you can breathe fire or wind in the opposite direction to drive the boat; you can also cross the river with ice and so on. Since it is too standard, there is not much to say.

The most surprising thing to the author is the artificial intelligence NPC. All NPCs can type and chat just like Siri or Microsoft Xiaoice.

The author did not save the picture for this piece, so I posted two pictures of other players flirting with NPCs for everyone to see – it can be seen that different NPCs can understand the content of the player’s typing, and their reactions to flirting are completely different. Some will scold the player for being sick, and some will be more horny than the player…

Finally, during the whole test period, the author did not add any friends, did not add any gang, did not participate in a PVP, and did not participate in the most lively and passionate gang battle in the legend.

But the author’s training is definitely at the top level. I saw the well-known anchor of Adverse Water Cold End Tour exaggerately shout on the World Channel: Recruit top players with 36,000 ratings to enter the gang and play the gang league, and he will pay 100r in subsidies.

The author looked at his combat rating, which happened to be more than 36,100.

The author is not attracted by this 100r. And the author heard that when the gang battle was won, it was just a golden internal strength – similar to the five-star sacred relic of Yuanshen, it is really very dispensable, because exploring the big world and digging treasure maps can also get a lot of gold internal strength.

To sum up, Nishuihan mobile game has an open world map with a very high density of puzzles, but the puzzles are slightly formulaic. Fortunately, there are a lot of spiritual butterfly effect plots and spiritual intelligent NPCs, which make up for this lack of formula. Moreover, the total number of puzzles is extremely high, and the quality of the main storyline is also very high. In addition, there is no need for social networking or PVP to improve combat power and practice. Social fear players are bored and play their own, and the fun is also very high.

Therefore, it is really no problem to play Adverse Shuihan mobile game as a single-player game with rich content. And the quality has been completely ahead of other domestic stand-alone games for a generation.

At present, the only worry is the operation and charging strategy of Leihuo after the public beta. If you really keep “no liver and no krypton” as Leihuo promised, the author predicts: this tour will surely fire.